Paddy Fields 2018 celebrates with Jugalbandi

Paddy Fields 2018

Paddy Fields, the folk and fusion music festival organised in Goregaon east by Nesco is back for a third season. This time, it’s another unique concept: Jugalbandi. Last year, Paddy Fields 2017 celebrated women folk singers from India.

This year, the event explores the traditions of Indian music and addresses an age-old question – Did Indian classical music have its origins in folk music?

What is Paddy Fields?

Paddy Fields does some asking and comes to you with fascinating learnings. It delves into Samagana, Jatigana, Deshi and Margi music, Persian influences on Indian music and how Dhruvapad led to the Dhrupad form of singing. We heard fascinating stories about instruments like the iktara and dotara being the precursor to the sitar and how the tabla developed from the dholak.

It all made for an exciting concept for Paddy Fields 2018 – Jugalbandi: The Classicism Of Folk Fusion on October 6 and 7, 2018 at NESCO, Goregaon east.

The first season in 2016 had Papon, Salim-Sulaiman, Nooran Sisters, Colonial Cousins, Chaar Yaar, Gangadhar and Tulika, Dhruva Vouage and Mame Khan had inaugurated the Paddy fields fest with a bang.

The season 2 at Paddy Fields 2017 topped 2016 in terms of the wow factor as its theme was ‘Women Take Centre Stage’. Shubha Mudgal, Kalpana Patowary, Susheela Raman, Sona Mohapatra, Sunita Bhuyan, Nooran Sisters, Sonam Kalra, Tipriti Kharbangar took the fest to higher level in terms of folk and fusion musical event.

The organisers have left no stone unturned to take the season 3 to yet another higher levels.

What to expect from Paddy Fields 2018

Paddy Fields 2018 will not only see performers for the first time on such a stage, but also with a new concept of Jugalbandi.

Here’s the complete list of performing artists this year.

6th October 2018

The Manganiyar Classroom – Rajasthani

Directed by Roysten Abel. the Manganiyar Classroom features kids between the ages of 8 and 12 years, each a repository of song, dance and rhythm.

Rahul Sharma & Gulzar Ganie – Kashmiri Folk

Pandit Shivkumar Sharma was responsible for making the santoor a popular lead instrument in classical music and his son, Rahul has now taken it into the mainstream with his several fusion projects. For Paddy Fields 2018, he combines with noted Kashmiri folk singer Gulzar Ganie to introduce a side to music from the valley.

Shujaat Khan & Malini Awasthi – Awadhi Folk

Grammy nominated sitar maestro and vocalist Shujaat Khan and much loved folk singer Malini Awasthi come together for the first time, with an especially put together band for Paddy Fields, presenting the beautiful music and poetry from the region of Awadh.

Amit Trivedi – Folk+Fusion music from across the Nation

Bollywood’s hottest music director has a surprise in store as he explores folk music from around the country, shows how he weaves it into film songs and jams with folk musicians in an incredibly high voltage set.

7th October 2018

Deepa Nair Rasiya – Sufi Folk

For her first ever performance in India, award winning Sufi vocalist, London based Deepa Nair Rasiya presents the wisdom of mystic poetry down the ages in her own unique style. In different genres of music, from light classical to simple folk tunes, making her performance a jugalbandi in itself!

Vishwa Mohan Bhatt & Anwar Khan – Rajasthani Folk

Grammy winning classical guitar player Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt has created a project called Desert Slide with Rajasthani folk singer Anwar Khan. Their performances wowed the organisers at Womex a couple of years ago and since then they have mesmerised audiences across Europe. Strangely, they have never performed at a commercial event in India! Another first coming to you from Paddy Fields.

Shantanu Moitra – Pahadi (Himalayan) Folk

He may be better known for his music in Bollywood films but Shantanu Moitra is an intrepid trekker and spends a lot of time in the mountains. So it’s natural that he would pick up sounds and songs from the hill regions and create some amazing songs that represent the mountains of India. It’s a unique set, performed by the extremely talented vocalist Kaushiki Chakraborty, Tibetan monk Ani Choying and classical sitar player Purbayan Chatterjee. If you haven’t caught it yet, this is your chance.

Viva La Goa – Goan Folk

Sunday night ends on a vibrant, colourful note as some of Mumbai’s finest musicians bring out the musical spirit of Goa. Audiences will hear some evergreen Konkani and Portuguese classics along with contemporary and original Goan songs. Performed by a band led by keyboard wiz Merlin D’Souza, sax prodigy Rhys Sebastian, powerhouse vocalist Suzanne D’Mello, award-winning actress and singer Palomi Ghosh and many more.

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