Parthiv’s Palette: Rang, Raas and Rhythm at Rangilo Re 2017

rangilo re

In a candid chat with GHP, singer Parthiv Gohil shares how his upcoming Rangilo Re is a vibrant mix of
festivities, culture, divinity and dance.

Speaking to me from Australia, Parthiv Gohil is all understated. The calm in his voice belies the robustness of his singing, the energy that he brings to stage and the depth his performances invariably showcase. Parthiv Gohil is all set to stage Rangilo Re at Mumbai’s NESCO Centre this Navratri.

What is being called Mumbai’s most luxurious Navratri celebration this year, has a very focussed and rooted Gujarati artist and his band at its epicentre. Parthiv has conceptualised several live performances, traveling across the world to regale audiences. Rangilo Re is no different. ‘Mumbai’s Navratri is vibrant and full of energy. Our song selection, beats and all, will suit this mood’, Parthiv shares.

Each day, a different colour at Rangilo Re

Interestingly, each of the 9 days from 21 – 29 September will have Parthiv and his band showcasing 30 minutes of a special round. This would be a segment dedicated to various genres of Garba as it has evolved from the heart of Gujarat and Mewar to regions like Punjab, Mumbai and beyond. Expect to experience a dose of Kuchchi Dhamaal, Betha Garba and Sheri Garba at Rangilo Re then!

Talk to him about the toss-up between the preserving the authentic Garba style and experimenting with fusion of styles and Parthiv is very matter-of-fact. ‘Fusion is definitely in – be it in music, dance, fashion or food. Cultures are coming at close contact so they will fuse. So also in Garba’, he says. The nine nights of celebration at Rangilo Re are a dance and musical fest so fusion will be an integral feature for enthusiasts to experience and enjoy.

Keeping the faith at Rangilo Re

Changing the course of our conversation, Parthiv draws attention to the spiritual significance of Navratri. ‘We mustn’t forget the original meaning of Navratri. In the midst of fun and frivolity, recalling the spiritual meaning of Garba keeps the culture and practice strongly rooted’.  He is talking about the sanctified garbha, the female divinity it focuses on and the aspect of a circular dance movement that symbolises the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Parthiv’s poignant video Garbo: The Divinity Within Humanity is worth a watch to recall the spirit of the season. Each day’s performance at Rangilo Re will begin with an aarti.

Finishing touches on Rangilo Re

Our conversation culminates in a feeling of excitement, renewed wisdom and great anticipation. Spinning into fame with his melodious Yun Shabnami track from the Bollywood flick Saawariya, Parthiv has had a long and successful musical journey. He fondly recalls a well-received performance at WOMAD Music Festival in 2013 to an audience that included no Indians at all. He recalls with reverence the experience of performing with the Queen of Dandiya, Falguni Pathak. And of course, looks forward to Rangilo Re now.

With its fabulous indoor AC venue, a gamut of food and craft stalls and a stellar artist at its spine, Rangilo Re holds much promise. Grab your Dandiya sticks and strike them to match the beats of Parthiv Gohil and his band.

To know more about the Rangilo Re event, read this GHP post.


Rangilo Re 2017 
Dates: 21 – 29 September 
Venue: Nesco Center, Western Express Highway, Goregaon (East),
Timing: 6 pm onwards

To celebrate Navratri at Rangilo Re and book now, click or call 7039310101

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