Peanut Butter Day: Try all-natural Peanut Butter by Puro

peanut butter

Today is International Peanut Butter Day! Who doesn’t like dollops of this creamy stuff on a hot toast or on crackers? And who wouldn’t want it all the more when it’s all-natural – no artificial, colour or preservatives?

Peanut Butter by Puro is the first Indian company’s product offering this all-natural and all-organic Peanut Butter.

Peanut Butter by Puro

peanut butter
Puro Peanut Butter

Introducing Peanut Butter by Puro – made with roasted salted peanuts and honey.

Puro is based in Goregaon and supplies to major gourmet stores in Mumbai.

The peanuts are handpicked from the peanut city of Bharuch. This Gujarati town is famous for its peanuts. Nitin Agarwal, Director, Puro, shares some secrets – ‘Our peanut butter, which is a blend of the whole nut, is gently roasted to bring out the natural sweet peanut peanutty flavour. The peanut is mixed with honey and salt to make the life and experience of our customer more healthy’.

Peanut Butter has protein as well as potassium which lowers the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. It also contains fiber for bowel health, healthy fats, and magnesium to fortify your bones and muscles, Vitamin E and antioxidants which makes it an ideal snack option as compared to normal butter.

Health-First Peanut Butter spread

Puro believes in a “Be Honest” policy. Apart from not using artifical flavours, sweeteners and colours in their peanut butter, the brand encourages people to “Be Honest“ in daily life. Balancing work and eating habits is something the brand would encourage people to engage in consciously.

Nutter Butter by Puro

Nutter Butter: More than Peanut Butter

Puro also makes Nutter Butter – made with roasted salted peanuts, real chunks of almonds and cashews with honey.

Puro Nutter Butter is loaded with proteins, Vitamin E, iron, dietary mineral magnesium, essential amino acids and heart healthy fats. All the goodness of these antioxidants makes it an ideal snack option, when compared to normal butter.

How to order Puro Peanut Butter

Get in touch with the team directly! You can place your orders with Nitin via email: or call 09167037397 / 7021025817

Price: ₹200 for 200 gms.

Puro Peanut Butter is sold in hygienically packed glass jars only.


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