Pink: Movie Review

Pink: Reviewed by Payal Jain Sharma

The best part about the film is that you can totally relate to it and it keeps you hooked on till the end. Young boys – that too from a political background – trying to get away, in spite of being guilty.

The Highlight

I can’t get over the “Thumb Rules” that Amitabh Bachchan  challenges: the ones that are repeatedly being used to chalk out a woman’s character… 👇🏻👇🏻

1. How modern a woman’s dressing is a direct indication of she being “available”.

2. If she drinks and hangs around with male friends, she is “available”.

3. If she stays separately, away from her parents, pays her own bills, the only intent is that she wants to have fun without parental interference.

4. If she comes home late after an outing with friends, she is of “tainted” character.

5. And the most hilarious one… stereotypes based on the state or region one belongs to. Based on whether you are from a small town or a metro/ big city, you are judged. Seriously!

Every word Bachchan states with regard to how society perceives women, creates déjà vu. We women must have heard similar lines either from our parents or relatives or from our friends’ mothers almost all ourlives.

The Actors

Amitabh Bachchan plays a bipolar character quite convincingly. He is shown as going blank, staring continuously without the intent to lech at someone and on medication for the same.

The three girls Taapsee, Kirti and Andrea too were good. Each of them played their part well. I realised Taapsee has the face and the talent to become a big name one day.

I was a bit surprised to see Vinod Nagpal given very little footage in the film. He was completely missing in the second half, he could have been quite instrumental in the court scenes as he was threatened twice and asked to drive away his tenants (the three girls).

Dhritiman Chatterji was amazing in Kahaani.  In this movie, I found him just okay-ish even though he gives a landmark judgement (playing  the judge). His voice trembles quite a bit. But when I looked up Google, I learnt that his age is 71; it is commendable that he is still active in the film industry.


My wishful thinking on what the movie tries to convey is that even if it brings some amount of change in our perspective, how we raise girls v/s a boy, or some amendments in the laws etc., I’ll be very happy (not just because I am a woman myself).

The movie should be declared tax free. Period!

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