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camping workshop

An upcoming camping workshop by Life Away From Life will help you discover the joys and ease of camping.

Have you wanted to try camping but don’t know how to get started? Join this camping workshop to learn what you need to take your first (or second or third) camping trip. It covers the basics like how to be warm, dry and comfortable during camping, gear and equipment necessities, and ideas for fun activities; and great local areas to give it a try.

Camping is a fun and affordable way to take a vacation – says the Life Away From Life (LAFL) team.  Let LAFL help you get outdoors. No experience necessary!

What You Will Learn

For those of you who want to camp but don’t feel quite confident enough to go out on your own, this camping workshop will put you at ease in the outdoors for a camping adventure.

With supervised guidance, you will easily learn how to use the equipment needed for basic camping, safe fire starting skills and cooking.

The LAFL team will make sure you not only learn outdoor skills but also have fun. You will be learning from experienced mountaineer teachers and clear your doubts on camping.

What is Life Away From Life?

Life Away From Life or LAFL is one of India’s leading adventure travel companies, offering groundbreaking itineraries on every adventure. The company has been conducting small and large group camping trips, and vacations since 2000, and is widely recognised for ground-breaking Responsible Tourism initiatives.

Camping Workshop topics

  • Outdoor manners “Rules of the Trail”
  • Proper dress for outdoor activities
  • Basic knots
  • First Aid skills
  • Fire safety, construction, use, and extinguishing
  • Outdoor cooking skills
  • Nature conservation

    Additional topics:

  • Tents, how & where to set up various styles
  • Equipment use & maintenance (stoves, lanterns, etc.)
  • Animal proofing your camp
  • Hazards to be aware of
  • Campfire making

Camping Workshop Location 

The campsite is around 127 kms driving distance from Mumbai.

Workshop Date and Charges

The camping workshop is on Saturday, May 19th. Charges are ₹2275 per person. This charge does not include taxes or meals. You can bring your own lunch or get an LAFL standard lunch box for an additional ₹250 per box.

The basic equipment needed for the camping workshop will be provided by LAFL.

For more information, just call 7718058351 or email contact@lifeawayfromlife.com

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