Rasoi Kamaal: Home-cooked Mangalorean food

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Homemade seafood, Goregaon east: meet and greet! We have quite a share of Maharashtrian coastal and general seafood cuisine in Goregaon east – Malwan Katta, Samadhan, Satkar, Kalvan – strewn around the neighbourhood. They’re all quite good and suited to the budget-conscious fish lover. But how about something homemade now? Rasoi Kamaal answers that question very well.

Who and What?

Run by Deepali Sathe and Ranjana Shetty, Rasoi Kamaal is a month-old home kitchen that serves authentic Mangalorean and Malwani food. These dishes are all prepared by the ladies themselves. As the tagline goes, it’s a ‘Hygienic Kitchen Empowered by Women’.

Think perfectly made Chicken Sukkha and Neer dosa, Mangaloren chicken curry and Kori Roti. As for the Malwani fare – the Prawn Curry and Fish Curry made with Halva (local Black Pomfret) are delicious. Yes, one could have wished for a few more pieces of prawn in all the curry. Homemade seafood Goregaon east

Deepali Sathe (L) and Ranjana Shetty (R) with Marathi actor Ruturaj Fadke in the Rasoi Kamaal kitchen.

Food Quality and Taste

One could be a little alarmed at the oil on the surface of the curries. This isn’t just carelessly proportioned oil, let me assure you. The coconut-base of the dish lends some grease to it. You don’t feel sick or over-stuffed post your meal, as you would after having eaten in any regular restaurant.

Deepali reveals that she and her partner shop for fresh fish themselves. That is validated when you are told the list of available fish for the day.Homemade seafood, Goregaon east

Rasoi Kamaal also serves the regular Chinese and north Indian food. It’s the coastal seafood that will really impress you though. A meal for three fish lovers was a neat ₹700, which hardly dents the pocket but does carve a niche in the heart. More so on any rainy day when the palette demands something spicy and wholesome.

Order, Order!

The kitchen offers free home delivery within a close radius of 300-odd metres. It has also tied up with a few food delivery services but be sure to check with the kitchen on all details. Or just pick up your parcel yourself – not too much to do if you’re getting such a great home-cooked meal! Homemade seafood Goregaon east

Note: GHP’s meal was not anonymous but was fully self-paid

Contact details: Rasoi Kamaal, Opp. Jyoti Complex, Film City Road, Santosh Nagar, Goregaon east
Tel: 8879181455 / 8879181501 / 022-28420152




  1. I ordered Mangalorean chicken gravy and suka also thaleepith and kothimbir wadi from Rasoi Kamal.
    Food was delivered properly hygienically packed , on time and it was fresh cooked.
    Mangalorean chicken gravy and suka chicken taste was authentic and awesome!!, felt like it was made by a very good cook.Thaleepith and kothimbir wadi taste was excellent and both were cooked in less oil ,yet were soft and yellowish brown color was very genuine.

    There are restaurants having speciality in South or North Indian food and if you order different menu items they taste standard.

    But in case of rasoi Kamal be it Mangalorean food be it maharashtrian food or other ,seems they are cooked with thought of giving the authentic local region flavour to it and that thought while cooking makes rasoi Kamal food awesome !

    Rasoi Kamal -anubhavi haath kare dhamaal.

    Overall it was hygienically cooked food with excellent taste!!!!
    Five stars.

    • Thanks for writing in, Vishal! I’m glad you liked the Rasoi Kamaal flavours. I agree with you that due thought has been given to keeping the local flavours intact. Stay tuned to Goregaon Highway Pulse for more Food & Drink stories!

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