Ready, steady, #LetsWalk!


#LetsWalk, organised last Sunday was a refreshing event. It served so many purposes – of connecting with oneself, with Nature and of just getting on your feet!

Walking is one of the simplest, most effective and most economical forms of exercise. While most of us think it’s all about shedding fat, walking takes you much further.

Walking helps you achieve overall well-being. And at #LetsWalk conducted on Sunday, June 3rd, is was about well-being of the mind, body and soul. #LetsWalk was organised in association with Decathlon Dahisar.

With more than 150 participants registering for the first #LetsWalk at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the early-morning walk was a great success. GHP was happy to be one of the supporters for this event.

Who is #LetsWalk?

‘I always advocate and promote walking,’ said a beaming Dr. Bhavi Mody, the key initiator of #LetsWalk. ‘Walking is an exercise any one can do, at any time one wishes to’, she added. So true.

Team #LetsWalk

Kudos to the team who put it together, with their own great vision –

Vrudhi Holistic Health Care Services, founded by Dr. Bhavi Mody
#AwareRaho, a social initiative by Takeoff Ventures, to create awareness on subjects and topics that can contribute positively to society.
Laja, India’s first forum for women. It is introduced by a women, for women and aims at empowering women externally and internally with the focus being on enabling women.
Woodpecker Media, a consulting company catering to conceptualised events, PR , transformational digital marketing strategies and creative brand design.

 What was #LetsWalk?

Start Walking”. How often have we had this advice given to us? #Lets Walk was all about initiating this simple yet powerful habit. The aim is to encourage participants to inculcate this into their daily routine. Promoting happier life and lifestyle has been a keen intent of Goregaon Highway Pulse too. The organisers look to conduct more such events in Mumbai, for the benefit of the young and old.

We were only too glad to see so many people join in and benefit from #LetsWalk. The walk was along the famed Shilonda trail at Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Exploring the wilderness of the National Park with us were trained naturalists. Their enthusiasm was palpable – it had just rained the previous day and the Park was washed afresh. Nature was preparing for a beautiful monsoon.

#lets walk
Naavnidhi K Wadhwa (centre, in blue) at #LetsWalk

Speaking of beauty, the chief guest for the occasion was Naavnidhi K Wadhwa. She is the current Mrs. Asia Woman of the Universe. Soft-spoken and gracious, she spoke to participants on how walking is the best way to create more value and more meaning out of your own lives. A certified healing modalities practitioner, Naavnidhi advocates walking to achieve a sense of better self for every person.

Put Your Foot Down Now!

It’s really as simple as that, isn’t it? Get on your feet and get going! That’s what happens when you get on board initiatives like these. There’s the adrenaline rush that comes from putting one foot after another and seeing more do the same. In the midst of so many more complications of life, why should your wellness routine be yet another? Stick to the simple mode of walking and get to a better self soon! Ready, steady, walk!



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