Rhymly: When You Are A Poet and Wanna Show It

Arpan Khosla (extreme left) and Team Rhymly

Goregaon Highway Pulse loves this new discovery – Rhymly.

You know you are talking to a prodigy when a guy aged 24 years says he’s been writing poetry for 12 years. Meet Arpan Khosla – India’s only professional “pomedian”.

Arpan marries poetry and comedy in his performances. And boy, you must see him on stage. He picks up on the smallest of sentiments, experiences and quirks of life. Weaving subtle Hindi poetry and his unique brand on humour, Arpan is a thorough entertainer. Check some of his performances here.

Harnessing his talent to more platforms, Arpan is now the co-founder of Rhymly – a unique Indian tech startup. This is a one-stop content platform for budding creative writers in Hindi. If you are one of those who wants to explore the poet or songwriter within, this is your go-to app. You can search for rhymes, meanings of Hindi words, create original couplets and more. All of this, of course, for free.

What is Rhymly?

Rhymly helps you to discover and share awesome content in Hindi, rhyme on the fly and even get yourself featured on the app every day. This platform is about 8 months old now.

“Rhymly encompasses the entire process of short content rhyming, writing, storing, sharing & discovering on a single platform”, Arpan highlights. A creative writer needn’t scurry around multiple platforms anymore.

Arpan recently quit his full-time corporate career to pursue the idea of Rhymly.

Arpan Khosla (extreme left) with team Rhymly

Who is Rhymly for?

“We help poets, shayars, songwriters, rappers, ad agencies, jingle writer and more such save a lot of time”, Arpan tells me. This tech startup helps such talent in their art – to navigate a writer’s block, create more and better quality of content. The win-win situation that this app creates is that it lets a writer focus on solely on creativity, while leaving the vocabulary part to Rhymly. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Rhymly has 18000+ combined users on the app and website. A mind-boggling 35,000 couplets using 100000 searches have already found their way to the platform.

What’s heartening is the push that this platform gives to creative writers – both amateur and professional. It also works to maintain and preserve Indian languages and dialects.

Most often, popular cinema uses dialogues that are obviously thought of in English and then just transliterated into Hindi. The lack of synergy is what a platform like this can overcome, as writers engage with it to hone their creative process.  It aims to go multilingual and also incorporate more Indian and international languages in the future.

So if you’re a poet and you want to show it, start working on Rhymly. Download the app here. And do share some of your work with us soon!

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