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Apoorva Mairal’s story of The Sweet Store is a very inspiring one. GHP tells you why…

Baking is one of the most popular independent professions that’s stolen the show over the last couple of years. It’s all cupcakes, brownies and cookies for entrepreneurs, who are setting out to do something on their own. But few such are really having their cake. One of the main ingredients in a business like this is sheer passion. The Sweet Store by young baker Apoorva Mairal oozes this ingredient.

What is The Sweet Store?

The Sweet Store is an independent bakery by Apoorva Mairal. Based in Kandivali east, Mumbai, this is a brand of “purely homemade” baked goodies. One bite from The Sweet Store and you want to keep coming back to it.

Be it chocolates, cakes, pastries or cookies – The Sweet Store creates some scrumptious delights for everyday as well as special days. Or to just make your everyday special. Sit at tea with a slice of The Sweet Store sponge cake and that 15 minutes is rendered unforgettable. And the rest of the day becomes Pavlovian – think The Sweet Store and drool!

Who is The Sweet Store?

All of 26, Apoorva Mairal started out with no real plan to be a baker. She launched her brand in August 2017 and “gave her passion a name”. She runs The Sweet Store solo as of now.

the sweet store
Apoorva Mairal, Founder: The Sweet Store

Apoorva completed a B.Com degree and went in for a course in Interior Designing. “I have always been good at creative stuff, drawing, and such”, she says. Yet, she didn’t find her calling in the spatial profession. When she realised that she bakes beautifully, that’s pretty much all that Apoorva wanted to do. That’s what passion is really – the undying desire to dedicate yourself to that one idea.

It all started with a simple baking activity for a family occasion. Watching her cake rise to perfection, creating a pièce de résistance for the occasion and then getting rave compliments fuelled a passion in Apoorva. She’s hardly looked back since then – only to check on her baking tray each day.

Today, Apoorva’s passion has only risen, with a success story as sweet as her perfectly baked products. “Baking is relaxing for me. It is also what drives me. When I’m upset, I bake. When I am happy, I bake”, she says. She still remembers her very first order – chocolate brownies ordered by her mother’s friend. Her first paid order that lined The Sweet Store’s tray for much success.

The Prep Stage

It wasn’t all sugary for Apoorva to start with. Her parents were quite unsure of her switch in gears. From BCom to Interior Design and then baking – a difficult piece of cake to swallow. Yet, as they saw the orders coming in, the business growing systematically and the sheer contentment in Apoorva, they gradually warmed up to the bakery endeavour.

When Apoorva received an Upcoming Dessert Entrepreneur award at GHP-organised Pinnacle Fame Awards (PIFA) 2018, her father said to her “I am proud of you” – a sweet moment to cherish forever.

A self-confessed average student, with no real career direction or zeal for academics, Apoorva credits her hard work for her achievements. “I work hard on improving myself, for myself and my brand”, she says simply. The will power of this young entrepreneur makes her a brand to watch out for. And have at your next celebration for sure!

Apoorva also spreads her passion with her popular baking workshops for kids and adults that she conducts in Mumbai.

The Sweet Store Specials

The Sweet Store’s tempting creations

Asking a baker to pick her favourite creation is like asking a mother to pick her favoured offspring. Yet, Apoorva reveals that her Fresh Cream Pineapple cake is a hot-seller, followed by the Chocolate Mousse cake. We’ve tried her cookies and definitely recommend them when you’re hopping over to a friend’s casually. Or just need some homemade goodness for yourself.

Apoorva also creates occasion cakes as per orders and delivers them to you in time. Many a birthday has been bumped with joy with The Sweet Store presence!

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All photography credits: Tanya Munshi

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