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romeo akbar walter

Director – Robbie Grewal
Cast – John Abraham, Mouni Roy, Jackie Shroff, Sikandar Kher
Rating – 1.5/5

Set in 1971, when India and Pakistan were on the brink of war, Romeo Akbar Waltertor RAW tells the story of Rehmat Ali aka Romeo (John Abraham) who is recruited as a spy by India in Pakistan.

Almost all Bollywood spy movies run the same checklist; the protagonist is uprooted from their normal life and goes through intensive mental and physical training. Through the course they are taught various tricks and tactics which will be used later on in the film with a sepia-toned flashback. In most cases they’re sent as spies to our favourite neighbouring country. After they’re ready and go on the job, a song will establish how they work their way around a transmitter and high-tech machinery. There’ll be one or two scenes where they’ll almost get caught but somehow manage to escape without raising much suspicion.

Total RAW feels here!

Romeo Akbar Walter adheres to this entire checklist of ‘typical Bollywood spy movies’ with ease.

The film starts at a slow pace and gives you major Raazi’ feels. Right from the training to the treatment of the character, everything seems very similar to last year’s Alia Bhatt starrer.

One of the highlights (sense sarcasm) was the communication between the spies. International spies have codes and other means of communication but here messages are passed in the most unconventional ways with props like oranges!

While there are instances that are quite clever, sadly they had to be literally spelt out for the audience which dampened the impact. Apart from several loopholes in the film, Robby Grewal seems to have taken quite a few cinematic liberties. For instance, our hero makes out with his ladylove in the middle of a dangerous situation, without a care in the world.

The chase sequence towards the end between John Abraham and Sikandar Kher could put a five-year-old playing pakda-pakdi to shame.

The film aspires to honour the unsung heroes who put their life on the line for the country but end up with story that tries way too hard to make its point.

RAW Performances

It seemed like John Abraham was playing poker throughout the movie with just one expression on his face. Taking different avatars to blend in with the enemies, he looked most convincing as the Pathan man from Pakistan, Akbar.

If Jackie Shroff’s character didn’t have to spell out the modus operandi, word by word, he could pass off as the Chief of RAW.

Mouni Roy didn’t have much to do except add the ‘glamour’ quotient in the film. Interestingly she was much better than her previous outing in Gold.

Sikandar Kher played the menacing Col. Khan effortlessly. Although there were certain aspects of his character that could

Supriya Says: RAW is not worth your time, effort or money. You rather play poker at home than with John Abraham in the theatres!

-Supriya Nair

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