Forsarees: Quirky and Colourful Sarees for Makar Sankranti


Forsarees is a unique brand based in Goregaon east, Mumbai, that sources and sells sarees and handloom from weavers. Passionately run by Ritu Oberoi, Forsarees began in July 2015. She’s all set with a new festive collection of sarees for Makar Sankranti.

sarees for makar sankranti
Ritu Oberoi

The Forsarees yarn

‘I started Forsarees purely with the passion for sarees and for handloom products’, Ritu says. Her idea then gradually turned into a flourishing business, attracting clients from Mumbai as well as other cities.

The sarees in stock at Forsarees are always sourced directly from the weavers or from self-help groups that work with such craftsmen. The USP of Forsarees then becomes the wide spectrum of crafts from various parts of India. ‘Our endeavour is not to just sell sarees but also promote each craft through chronicling the story behind its creation’, Ritu highlights. Through a series called Know Your Saree, she aims to educate and encourage learning about a particular craft when it is first introduced to the Forsarees store.

Each customer then knows exactly what she’s wearing and why it is so special and unique a piece.

Forsarees also sells handloom dupattas and accessories to complement sarees.

What’s new in stock at Forsarees?

New in the collection of Forsarees for this festive season are some quirky and contemporary prints on cotton and some unique thread-woven sarees in cotton silk in a vibrant palette.  Of course, if you’re looking for options in black for Makar Sankranti, there are plenty available from the Forsarees best-selling collection.

What is the price range?

Forsarees products are within the price range of 1500 – 5500. Being directly procured from the creators, a reasonable pricing can be maintained to a large extent. This also helps Ritu attract a larger customer range.


Happy Forsarees customers

Puja Murada, a marketing professional from New Delhi says, ‘The pleasure of draping a saree multiplies not just because one is wearing a unique and elegant design that has perhaps never been replicated, but also because our purchase is benefiting the saree weaver at the grassroot level. Thanks, Forsarees for creating this platform’.

Shruti Mehta from Goregaon, Mumbai, believes that handloom can send you back in time. A particular smell triggers a riot of memories. ‘This is the journey that the saree from Forsarees took me on and I’m so grateful for that. All the dupattas that I sent as gifts to my dear ones are cherished wholeheartedly’, she shares.

Enter this simple contest and win gift vouchers from Forsarees!

1. When is Makar Sankranti?

a) January 14
b) January 21
c) January 28

2. Who is the founder of Forsarees?

a) Ritu Oberoi
b) Ritu Raheja
c) Ritu Lokhandwala

3. Why do we fly kites on Makar Sankranti? (hint: read the GHP story here to find the answer!)


Send in your answers as comments to this blog post or email them to

**Terms and Conditions:

One winner will receive a gift voucher worth ₹750 from Forsarees
Winner will be selected via a lucky draw

Voucher is valid on an invoice of ₹2000+on purchase of a saree only
Voucher is valid till 31st March 2018
Last date for contest entries: January 20, 2018


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