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Jivdaya Abhiyan in Malad is organising a Save The Birds medical camp this month. Ahead of Makar Sankranti 2019, this is a very significant and helpful camp.

Makar Sankranti 2019, like every year, is marked as a major Indian festival. Also known as Kite Flying Festival, Makar Sankranti brings a lot of joy and excitement to the young and old. But it is nothing but hazardous to birds and animals.

The manja or kite strings used during kite flying are death traps for the airborne creatures. They also cause major harm to land animals, when the discarded kite strings are lying around post festivities.

Save Birds Camp by Jivdaya Abhiyan

Though a lot of awareness is being created to avoid using the glass-coated Chinese manja, every Makar Sankranti sees a lot of injured birds across cities and towns.

Jivdiya Abhiyan is an organisation that works for animal and bird welfare. Based in Malad east, it has been conducting various activities and talks to make humans aware of the need to be sensitive to animals around them.

The upcoming medical camp will give more information and updates on the assistance and care of birds and animals due to kite flying during Makar Sankranti.

Details of the Camp:

Date: Sunday, January 13th – Thursday, January 17th 2019
Venue: Atul Apartment, Nivetia Road, Malad east.
Timing: 10 am onwards
To register call: 88 28 26 12 12

Mumbai Bird Rescue Helpline and Emergency Contacts

All Mumbai Bird Helpline• 8655370005
MIRA ROAD: Samkit Yuvak Mandal ‎79000 43371• ‎79000 42370
Nalasopara: Samkit Yuvak Mandal • 8767366143
Malad : Samkit Yuvak Mandal • 8898101015• 9022984326
Borivali and Dahisar: Samkit Yuvak Mandal • 9324747555 / 8080000804 /8928720698
Vasai Samkit Yuvak Mandal • 9970111029 / 7798840165
Kandivali East and West 24×7 Save Birds (Bats included): 8828879490• 8451899899
Udaan Malad West for birds • 8898101015
Andheri Samkit Yuvak Mandal • 98209 97699

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