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best dimsums in goregaon east

If you’re looking to just spend a quiet evening at home – a perfect monsoon dinner date that fills your stomach but doesn’t burn a hole in your heart – then just say “Dimsum Wu”. This takeaway kitchen inarguably serves the best dimsums in Goregaon east.

Think flavourful soups that make the day’s stress disappear. Think generously stuffed dimsum that fill your heart with gladness and momos so perfectly crafted,  you’ll wonder how long you can make the last piece rest on the plate. I kid you not, Dimsum Wu, a favourite takeaway joint in Goregaon, is now my chopstick (instead of yardstick) measure for this cuisine.

Launched earlier this year, this is a delivery-only service that is slowly making its way into people’s hearts, one dimsum at a time. Dimsum Wu was started by a bunch of friends who are self-confessed lovers of Asian food, who want to give the world some authentic flavours of momos, dimsum, sushi, soups and more such.

Sensing a dearth of good Asian cuisine in the area, this brand attempts to plug the gaps on the flavours scene with its short and sweet menu. ‘The quality of our ingredients are top notch,’ says partner Anushka Peswani, ‘and our USP is the authenticity of the food along with our aim to serve healthy Asian cuisine.’ Efforts ahve paid off, with their steamed, whole wheat and other preparations becoming the best dimsums in Goregaon. Or may in all of Mumbai.

The food not only lives up to much of what the partners have set out to achieve but also checks the modest budget option. What with Asian cuisine rearing its head at every nook and corner, it seems to be a rather expensive trip to the far east, most often.

A meal for two who share (though let me warn you that it’s going to be very difficult to) should not set you back beyond ₹600.

Aptly named, the Soulfull Soups are of a generous portion. Limiting the options to four, DimSum Wu offers them to you in vegetarian, chicken and seafood options. Most interesting is the Manchow with a White Twist soup – intentioned to bring back the authenticity of the Manchow soup. I wasn’t disappointed with it at all and no, I didn’t miss the brown colour. The other one I tried was the Talumein chicken soup, a clear and mildly-flavoured soup that did wonders for my evening sniffles. This is the new chicken soup for the flu-plagued soul.

The Chinese vegetables in Homemade Vinegar dimsums were a treat from the word go. Six pieces of these steamed wonders, stuffed well with flavoured carrots, cabbage and spring onions and drizzled mildly with soy and pickled vinegar sauce, went down like a song. Each was better than its predecessor. No, the laws of diminishing marginal utilities did not swing in!

Since I love seafood, I asked for the Prawn Har Gao. Packed in a peekaboo translucent dough pocket, came juicy minced prawn waltzing around my palette with fresh coriander. Classic stuff, indeed. Spinach-wrapped chicken, marinated in homemade black bean sauce, is a very good choice from the chicken dimsum basket list. They were bite-sized tasty little appetisers that totally addressed the imminent hunger and teamed up with the soups very well. Curiosity will surely get the better of you when you see the Honest Wheat Momos listing. I tried the simple vegetable option and felt reassured at how simplicity can still enthrall your heart.

Next comes the Meal in the Box listings – limited to four vegetarian and four chicken options. It’s always better to go small and go perfect, rather than bite more than you can chew. Business sense also plays out: don’t confuse the raving hunger in a patron by confusing him or her with a thesis of a menu. Quick choices mean quicker orders.

The vegetarian Pad Thai noodles are spicy for sure but don’t make you jump out of your seat.  Rather, they let you nestle cosily into it as you allow your senses to be zinged up. If you’re more mild-hearted, go for the Filipino box. I tried the chicken one and was only too happy to find chicken that had inherited the taste of the whole preparation. Most often, the chicken pieces in Asian curries are like reluctant adolescents who’ve been forced into a family gathering.

There’s your special monsoon meal planned out . I suspect most of you won’t resist trying it right away – what with Dimsum Wu having the best dimsums in Goregaon! Turn any ordinary day into a special one just by saying “Dimsum Wu“!


Call: 022 30150818
Address: Shop 13, Heena Gaurav CHS LTD, Film City Road, Goregaon East
Takeaway / Home delivery only. No seating available.

Note: GHP reviewed Dimsum Wu anonymously and paid for the entire meal.





  1. Have tasted a few items already. The green momos(non veg,or was it veg) was simply amazing.Would like to order a few dishes also. I know that you guys are in the initial stages thus you could be having teething problems. Nevertheless I am too keen to try other yummy dishes(mostly chicken and a BIT of those yummy prawns) Good Luck!

    • Thanks for letting us know! Do try the Prawn Har Gao in your next order and tell us about the experience. Stay tuned to the GHP blog for more such news!

    • Hi Sonal, thanks for commenting. Glad you enjoyed Dimsum Wu too. Stay tuned to the GHP blog for more such news!

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