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What happens when a nutritionist starts her own eatery? Well, it’s a dream come true. For the nutritionist herself and for everyone lining up. It’s a win-win for all. Meet Saanchi Nayak – a nutritionist who is living the dream. Superfood Café, her very own eatery in Kandivali, Mumbai, is an out-and-out health food café. That doesn’t mean that it’s all health and no taste. Saanchi Nayak is equipped with all the expertise to make sure you get health and delectability in every bite you take at Superfood Café.

Who is Saanchi Nayak?

A young and vivacious nutritionist who specialises in varied areas of clinical nutrition, sports and other health specific nutrition. Saanchi’s mission in life is to make educate everybody she meets on the right nutrition needs to follow. “This will lead to healthy people and healthier communities,”she believes.

Having always been keen on fitness, sports and clean-eating,  wellness and nourishment was an obvious choice for Saanchi’s career. To be healthy and disease free has always been her utmost priority.  And she wants to enable the world at large to do the same. Superfood Café is one big step in that direction.

Under Saanchi’s guidance, clients see a paradigm shift in their diet plans.  She believes in creating a customized regime for each of them.  All her diet interventions are oriented for optimal health and healing.

She has been a regular face on Indian television as well, as nutrition consultant on Celebrity Nutrition panel on CNBC Awaaz and Zee Business.

Saanchi’s Domains of Expertise

Saanchi has been a front-runner in the battle of the bulge, in many qualifies avatars. She consults patients as a Diabetic Educator, guiding them to maintain control with the rightly suited foods. She empowers sports enthusiasts young and old as a Sports Nutritionist. Be it for an upcoming tournament or a lifelong sporty passion, under Saanchi’s guidance, many a child and adult has been able to bring his athletic forte out strongly.

Saanchi consults young children in several major schools in the city, making them aware of their body’s health needs and priorities.

saanchi nayak superfood cafe
Superfood Café: Kandivali east, Mumbai

The Detox Diet is another important area of Saanchi’s expertise. Get on her dietary program and flush out all the toxins from your body in a healthy way.  To enable clients of all ages, she drafts a healthy toolkit to serve all blood types.

In short, whether it’s blood sugar or bone density, Saanchi’s nutrition plans can help you sort yourself out.

Superfood Café by Saanchi Nayak

Being disease free means being stress free, don’t you agree? We’re all on some diet plan or the other. Each battling the urges to stay away from grease and gluttony in some measure.

Superfood Café makes sure you enjoy your eating out experience. From vegetarian to vegan, Keto to Detox, the menu here has everything for every dietary need. Smoothies, soups, salads, wraps, et al. Get your health fix here. I’d say it’s a the place to throw your next party. At least you won’t have guests wasting food for weight-watching reasons!


Contact: 9819585550

Superfood Café: Call: 02239618310

Address:126, EMP 47, Evershine Haley Towers, CHS, Thakur Village, Kandivali east, Mumbai. Map it




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