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The Growing Trees Goregaon

There are daycares and there are daycares in Mumbai. Some translate into a huge relief for working urban parents, some into merely pleasant stopgaps. And some, sadly, become nightmares. Ask any Mumbai parent who has a young child of 6 months as to what they expect from a daycare and the answer is almost unanimous. “Bas, jo ghar jaisa khayal rakhey”, is the heartfelt response.

Ghar Jaisa Daycare

A mother of two, Anita Sharma, had the same question to ponder. With concerns about care, individual attention, safety and overall well-being of a child being paramount issues, she set out to establish The Growing Trees. Her first centre in Andheri west – now three years old – is a haven for the working parent. And after meeting much appreciation from parents, she is ready with her new daycare in Goregaon west.

Mounting work pressures make a 9-to-5 job a half-day affair for most in this city. Add to that the hellish travel scene that creates heart-breaking delays for a mother who wants to just get back to her child. The Growing Trees does balm and soothe some of those sorrows. It can be a life-changing solution for daycare in Goregaon, for busy parents.  I visited the Goregaon west centre and was taken up instantly.

About The Growing Trees Goregaon

This daycare in Goregaon west is a bright, cheerful, airy, secure and hygienic space. One walks in and immediately feels a sense of ease coming over. With a generous outdoor and indoor space, it’s a real home-away-from home feeling. Cross over the white picket fence gate and you wish it were a space for adults to spend a day too!

Run with home-like attention, The Growing Trees has maximum activities that cater to a child’s every need – social, cognitive, academic, physical and psychological from infancy right up to adolescence and beyond.

Catering to the parent who is low on bandwidth for professional or other reasons, The Growing Trees gives a child care, attention and an environment of positivity.

The Growing Trees Goregaon provides daycare for children from 6 months up to 12 years of age. “We have a 1:1 teacher student ratio for the new children and a 1:3 teacher student ratio for the older kids”, Anita says.

The evening classes also allow for regular school-going kids to be occupied gainfully for a couple of hours until parents make it back from work. These classes cover all age-appropriate recreation, under a single roof.

Moreover, there’s an hourly option for children too. A child is welcome to play and learn with The Growing Trees, even for a few hours on any day. This service is available through prior appointment and at a nominal hourly fee. 

Who is The Growing Trees Goregaon?

Anita Sharma anchors the activities at The Growing Trees

Anita Sharma refers to herself as “a mother by profession”. The Growing Trees is more than just a creche or daycare or preschool – it is conceived as all this and much more.

Anita herself undertook certified training in child psychology and meticulously charted a well-planned and extensive programme. “The Growing Trees strives to develop and enhance every need of an individual. It facilitates whole group, small group and individual work which take into cognisance different learning styles, emotional needs”, she shares. The intent is to bring out the joyful and creative individual in each child it houses.

As is the desire of well-being for her own children, so is the same sentiment reflected in The Growing Trees daycare in Goregaon.

Each child gets home-cooked, nutritious meals prepared in Anita’s home itself. Meals and snacks through the day are fed timely; staff is well trained and up to speed with the needs of today’s children. A snug sleeping room gives children perfect downtime.

If you’re working both ends of your candle this year-ending, stop worrying and feeling guilty about the child. I suggest you visit The Growing Trees Goregaon and stay rest assured of your child’s well-being and happiness while you’re away. It’s that shaded oasis you want to offer your little one, while you battle the daylights every day.

The Growing Trees Goregaon
Timing: 8.30 am – 7 pm (Monday – Friday)
Age group: 6 months to 12 years
Contact: 9892994444
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