The Shape of YOU: Personal Power Branding Series #3

In the third of an exciting 5-series blog posts called Personal Power Branding Series by our guest blogger, Kalyani Kamble, we discuss Body Shapes.  Kalyani is India’s leading Life Coach, Image Consultant and Neuro Linguistic Programmer.

Kalyani’s guidance helps readers revamp and redefine themselves, giving a new sense of confidence and style. Last week, in Body Image, Kalyani wrote a very interesting piece on understanding and honing your individual style and image.

This week, she shares valuable tips on Body Shape – Love the shape of you and it will love you back. Kalyani writes on exactly how!

What I’m about to say is a universal truth which each and every one of you might’ve experienced. So here it goes, how many times have you worn something and exclaimed, ‘This does not look good on me’, ‘I look fat in this’.
We all have right?

Never ever deprive of yourself of the joy of clothing. You can wear any clothing style you wish to – tell yourself “The key to carry any look first begins by having a positive body image. 

Your clothing, grooming and body language can affect your self-esteem and play a crucial role in achievement of your goals. You can never replace confidence, which is your best accessory! You can evolve to a strong brand by having a strong sense of identity. Love your shape your shape will love you back.

According to Judith Rasband, the pioneer of Image Consulting, there are 8 body types.

Try this exercise

Wear something snug, stand in front of the mirror, feet together. (Do this when you are feeling good about yourself) Realistically evaluate the following:

  • Shoulders
  • Bust /chest
  • Waist (high /low)
  • Hips
  • Length of your legs compared to the rest of your body (long /short )

Now look at the charts in the graphic above and note for the body variations (the widest/curvaceous part of your body)

  1. Hips boarder than the rest of your body congratulations you are a triangle.
  2. Shoulders /bust/chest you are an inverted triangle men be proud this is the ideal shape for you , girls with a bigger bust  be proud you’re the envy of most other women.
  3. Waist /tummy broad then you are a diamond.
  4. Shoulders waist hips almost similar if you are average or above average weight you are a rectangle.
  5. Shoulders waist hips almost similar if you are thin (below average weight) you are tubular.
  6. Your shoulders and hips are curvaceous with a thin waist you are an hourglass the famous figure in the 60’s 70’s think Mumtaz!
  7. You may be curvaceous all over above average weight, there’s so much to love about you, do love yourself more considering some exercise and a healthy diet!
  8. Your shoulders/bust /hips are in perfect proportion, waist thinner than the rest, thighs /abs toned , arms in proportion with the rest of the hand ! Congrats you are amongst the few in the world with an ideal body shape!

Tricks for dressing as per your shape and comfort level

Whatever you wear should make you feel confident and comfortable so that you are focussed on your work and activities, if there is any form clothing or accessory that’s making you uncomfortable you must consider a change!

Accentuate what you are comfortable with and proud of, balance out the rest by not paying attention there! The elements of dress lines, shapes, colour, texture and pattern can be magically used to your advantage to create clothing illusions and create a balanced look.

Luckily the trends of today – options available in malls and online stores – are so versatile that anybody can look hot, sexy, smart, powerful and confident!


  • Jeans – The life-changer! 

The mid-waist straight fit suits most body shapes. Opt for denims with a little stretch ability in it. Darker to Medium light is what will mostly suit all. Avoid any design details (like ripping, motifs, patchwork, glitter etc. in the thigh or hip area. If you must, go for tears or ripping, ensure it is below the knees.









If you must wear lighter jeans, balance it out with a jacket.

You can wear what you want just learn to balance it out for example if you are heavier on your hips and you opt for light colored denim along with lighter or tighter top  you are sure to get a lot of attention but not the kind you like!

  • A Long Vest – Oomph Enhancer!

Go for the straighter and more structured vest one for a formal look.

Go for the printed, softer variety for a casual look.

You can mix and match these with your Indian wear as well. Vests are so versatile – they go with denims, formals, Indian wear, etc.

Again, vary the color (blog on colours coming up next week!) print and fabric as per your body shape, personality and lifestyle.

  • Sarees – The most versatile and under-utilised 7-yard wonder!

A saree looks good on any woman – instantly slims her down, making her look very sensuous and powerful as well.

Sarees are mostly worn only on special occasions but you can wear sarees to work and parties as well. When in doubt, just wear the saree!

Fabric: Light-weight fabrics like georgette, chiffon, crepe, and pure soft silk stick to the body closely, so they make you look slimmer! Brocade, heavy silk, cottons, and kanjivarams look good on tall and slim women because they add volume to the overall look.

Colours: Go for dark shades. Dark colors make you looker slimmer and they hide the flaws but bring out your curves! You can opt for lighter colours too just keep the borders simple and print a smaller one

Bigger or wider borders will make you look short. So for you ladies who don’t want that, go for a slight border or no border at all!

Drape correctly: This is the most important rule. Draping a saree neatly ensures that you look slimmer and cover up the not so perfect areas!

  • Tapered Pants: For A Slimming Look Instead Of Salwars Or Patiala

  • Play smart with the Kurtas

Stay away from the body-hugging kurtas as they tend to lay more emphasis on a voluptuous body. Rather, you should opt for slightly loose ones. And, even when you wear loose kurtas, keep in mind that material should not be too clingy.

One of the safest options among the fabrics is cotton. If your hips and thighs are also slightly heavy, then make sure that your kurta is long enough to cover up.

Go for straight kurtas, Avoid large prints, you may choose any of your favourite colour! The kurta ending just below the knee is a safe bet for all body shapes and height.

  • Tops

  • Jackets – To balance out the lower body or to even enhance it!

You can look cool as well as powerful in a jacket. Wear the structured, preferably darker blazer to work for an authoritative look. Put on a pliable, softer variety for a casual look.

You can go from sporty to dramatic looks with jackets.

Choose the length of hem and the sleeves as per your body shape, personality and lifestyle.

  • Dresses

Dresses made of structured fabric are good at concealing imperfections, you won’t have to hide your tummy. A bright sheath on top and a dark bottom slims your hips and stomach and enhance a smaller chest.




Your dress should come close to your body then gently drape out, which adds volume to the bottom half.

You can also try wearing a pencil skirt to minimise your stomach and place more focus on your legs.

  • The A-line skirt


  • Accessories – Doing it Right

Neck pieces, earrings, the right hairstyle, bags, scarves, sunglasses And shoes  – all of these have a significant effect in the way your entire outfit gets represented.

They also affect the total message you will be giving with your look to self and to others.

The trick is to avoid any accessories which will add bulk to the part of body which you are not very comfortable with .Also take of your roles, goals and occasion.

Basics and classics always go with all body shapes and age.


Inside out Style –Imogen Lamport.

Judith Rasband –Conselle Image Institute.

Positive Med.


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