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Style-n-File is a pioneering makeup and nail studio and academy. We caught up with founder, Neha Suradkar.
Read on to know how this salon in Powai is leading in services and training for the urban Indian woman.

Nail art has become one of the most followed beauty trends. With this, the style-conscious woman has finesse from head to toe and right up to her fingertips. Helping this trend get better and sharper is Neha Suradkar, a professionally trained makeup and nail artist and trainer.

Who is Style-n-File?

Neha Suradkar, Founder, Style-n-File Powai

Style-n-File is a dream-come-true for Neha Suradkar – a lady with a serious passion for colour and design. ‘I always wanted to cultivate a career related to design and fashion’, Neha shares. Limited opportunities for this were available 20 years ago. So she kept the passion alive by studying Home Sciences and a Masters in Fashion and Textiles working on textile design and even teaching at NIFT Delhi. This kept Neha a close quarters with styling and makeup.

Style-n-File salon in Powai was finally born in 2016, after Neha had spent many years as a Fashion Educator. She lived in countries like Japan and Singapore and witnessed global beauty trends there. Adopting these, Style-n-File provides a variety of services and courses in makeup, nail art and nail care. A true desire always sees the light of day. And so it was for Neha too.

Beauty and style is not a special-occasion situation, Neha believes. ‘I am passionate in helping women stay beautiful and well-groomed on an everyday basis’, she says.

The personalised touch of Style-n-File

For this beauty entrepreneur, understanding the particular lifestyle and needs of each client is very important. ‘I make it a point to chat with each client coming in, to know her daily lifestyle patterns or habits so she can stay well groomed each day’, Neha shares. Indeed, it’s the daily conquest of beauty and grooming that keeps the urban Indian woman comfortable in her own skin. And with professionals like Neha, easy ways to achieve this are always at hand!

Training under Style-n-File

Style-n-File training sessions

Style-n-File salon in Powai conducts regular professional makeup courses as well as certified nail technician courses. It also conducts nail art and makeup classes for the amateurs who’d like to learn creative beauty skills and practice these on a personal level.

Ask Neha what the USP of her trainings are and she is buffed with her response – the one-to-one attention paid to every learner. Right from hygiene to technique and aesthetics, Neha is extremely particular.

The Japanese Nail Art Specialists

Summer Special Nail art, Style-n-File Powai

Style-n-File is proud to be one of the very few academies specialising in the hot trend of Japanese nail art in India today. ‘We specialise in this particular aesthetic that is all about clean, neat and pleasing design’, Neha says. Where other nail art is more ornate and glitzy, the Japanese form remains less ornamental and more of flat detailed, hand-painted design. This obviously makes it most suited to the daily demands of most women today.

Style-n-File salon in Powai not only executes edgy Japanese nail art for clients but also provides certified training for it at the academy.

So if you’re looking to get the perfect nail art that keeps your hand stylish but not in-the face, tap for your cab to Style-n-File salon in Powai. Know chic like the back of your hand!


Style-n-File Makeup and Nail Studio and Academy, Powai


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