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The Lantern Mumbai

Goregaon seems to be getting more and more exciting. There are new eateries, boutiques, people and businesses setting up base here each day. And it gets more pleasurable when you discover ventures that appeal to the greater common good. One such new kid on the block is The Lantern Mumbai. This is a platform that looks to help you discover your own unique brilliance. Through experiential workshops – Trans4m ™ – The Lantern brings you a “therapeutic and necessary pause”.

Upcoming events at The Lantern Mumbai:

On June 28th, The Lantern is organising Fabulous Me!, an expressive art therapy-based session to rejoice womanhood. With body movement, art, storytelling, drama and other such creative tools, the workshop encourages participants to reconnect with their rich source of feminine energy.

This day-long workshop will be conducted by Avidha Pandit-Golwalkar, a reputed and experienced development practitioner.

On June 30th, sign up for a very unique Womb Blessing Ceremony. A deeply transformative experience, this event is all about attuning women towards an awakening of Shakti. Dr. Evelet Sequeira uses the sound of Tibetan bowls, sacred chants and high vibration vocal tones in this two-hour rousing session.

Who is The Lantern Mumbai?

Sangeeta Bhandarkar

The Lantern Mumbai has been founded by Sangeeta Bhandarkar along with Avidha Golwalkar. Sangeeta boasts of a formidable 20-year career is sales and marketing for IT and real estate industries. She now focuses her energies and experience on The Lantern. With this, she looks to provide a platform for people to discover their intrinsic potential to lead happier and more meaningful lives.

The Lantern’s vision

The core belief of The Lantern team is that consistent commitment towards growing oneself can yield great results in one’s place of work and personal life. Creative self development is the need of the hour, with the distractions, decisions and delusions that we all seem to be enveloped in. In conducting workshops over the last three months, The Lantern has created experiential opportunities that are fun-oriented, interesting, powerful and activity based. These  leave a long-lasting impact on participants.

The Lantern engages with a global palette of professionals from the fields of self-development and wellness.

Where there is clutter in your life, bring in creativity. Where there is disillusionment, bring in illumination and brilliance. That’s the core of The Lantern Mumbai. To help you not just to spark up life and flicker momentarily but to shine on with a unique brilliance that you can sustain throughout life.

The Lantern Mumbai in Goregaon east also offers its space for events and activities of a similar nature – workshops, demos, interventions that benefit individuals and communities.
For rates and bookings, please connect with The Lantern Mumbai team. Visit the website here.

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