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simran film review


The tale of an adorable thief who will snatch your heart away!

Rating: 3/ 5

Directed by Hansal Mehta

Written by Apurva Asrani with additional writing credit- Kangana Ranaut

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You probably know all about Kangana Ranauts various controversies, including the one over sharing of credits with the writer for the film Simran. Kangana’s sassy and unapologetic interviews have gone viral. The popular perception is that all this erupting just a month prior to the release was no coincidence but a publicity stunt. I’d say even if it was, it sets up the stage nicely for the crackling film that Simran is.

The Plot:

Simran is based on a real-life thief, Sandeep Kaur of the USA, more popularly known as the “Bombshell Bandit”. The film’s thief however is a Gujju – Praful – who earns the name Simran along the way.

Praful works hard in the housekeeping team of a hotel. She has managed to save some money for the down payment of a house and is waiting for a loan to be approved. She lives in with her parents, who, despite their many years in USA are as Gujju as they can be.

They love her but also are conservative and want her to remarry as soon as possible, something that Praful hates the idea of.  She has a feisty personality which makes her dating life colorful and disappointing at the same time.

On a chance trip to Las Vagas she meanders into a casino and ends up trying her hand at Baccarat, a popular casino game. Her winnings at the first ever attempt make her delirious. And next day she is back for more. Lady Luck doesn’t smile on her the next day and before she knows it, she has gambled away a sizable part of her savings! She is offered a loan by a man to play more. In her drunken stupor she doesn’t not realise that he’s a gangster!

Praful manages to lose all the loaned money and runs off! The gangster catches up with her and beats her up severely to remind her he means business. She has ten days. She asks for a loan from her father who agrees on one condition that she will agree to meet a suitor of their choice. Praful has no choice but to agree. And, to her great surprise, a very earnest, but a bit insipid Sameer turns out to be a wise, dependable sort of a man and becomes endearing in a few meetings.

Praful goes on to steal some more from a gas station, loots a bank – she has already looted three before. By now, the cops have caught up with her.  What will she do now?  What follows is a nice-ish mix of human goodness and one’s own ethical compass. Surely this Simran film review won’t tell you all!

The GHP Simran film review verdict:

From her first appearance with the winsome smile, Kangana steals your heart. She has a whole palette of emotions that she uses to create an exciting and absolutely adorable character. There is not a dull moment and there is never too much of her in a scene.

The story, if truth be told, is a little too simple. With any other actress, it would have been boring and forgettable. Kangana is ably supported by Sohum Shah who plays Sameer. Even though screenplay leaves a lot to be desired as it is riddled with gaping loopholes to the point of stupidity, dialogues deserve a special mention.

Do watch it only for the performances – it’s a great weekend watch.

-Reviewed by Nandini Arora

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