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Guest blogger on GHP, Kalyani Kamble is India’s leading Life Coach, Image Consultant and Neuro Linguistic Programmer. After her very successful Power Branding series, she now gives GHP readers health tips for slowing down ever-hectic lives. Read Kalyani’s five easy steps to manage that. 

Time. It’s our most coveted resource because of its scarcity. In an effort to falsely gain time during the day we rush through tasks, projects, and our lives. But are we fully present in the moment? Are we mindful of what we do? Do we feel our breath? Do actually taste and enjoy the food we eat?  health tips

Rushing hinders our capacity to be mentally and emotionally available, and optimise the opportunities that surface in the present moment. When we slow down and move through our activity with greater mindfulness we are more likely to act with the full power available to us in the present moment.

A real-life case of successful slow down following key health tips

Anu (name changed), a 35-year-old HR professional and mother of two realised the cost of rushing. She was so hassled all the time, anxious about doing everything perfectly; almost like chronic rushing through a never-ending to-do list builds anxiety and heightens stress levels.

Due to the epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, released in the brain during stressful periods, our brains get “hooked on” the stimulation of activity. Our bodies become addicted to rushing and our minds switch into autopilot with everything of high importance and needing to get accomplished quickly. We start rushing when rushing is not necessary, or multitasking ourselves into ineffectiveness. health tips

Health tip that’s food for thought – there is difference between being busy vis-a-vis being productive. When you need to do work two or three times over because you did not do it right the first time, you begin to see the value of patience and the cost of rushing.

Slowing down was the need of the hour for Anu. As now her blood pressure was at an alarming high. It was about time Anu realized and took charge of her time and stopped exaggerating time in her mind and chase perfection. The Superwomen Syndrome most women in metros suffer from in the quest of being the perfect mom, perfect wife, perfect employee, etc.

Here are some easy health tips to slow down and allow yourself that ME Time.

  1. Practice Mindfulness

Take time off every two hours or every hour if possible. Just take 2 minutes and focus on the breath, slow down and kalyanikamble_slowdown_GHP2take deep breaths. Feel the oxygen filling up your lungs and body. You could even imagine breathing in gratitude and exhaling doubt or whatever you want for that moment.

Let’s say you working on a project, you may breathe in creativity and breathe out resistance or old ways of thinking. If peace is what you want, breathe in peace and breathe out worry. It works like magic! I call it the 2-minute wonder! Now you definitely deserve this time for yourself. health tips

Slowing down can actually accelerate performance!

  1. Practice Visualisation

Do this early morning, make a clear mental plan of your day. See yourself experiencing positive happy emotions. See yourself slowing down and breathing! Just 5 min of visualization and you are set for a day full of achievement and tips

  1. Enjoy your food

Slow down on purpose, enjoy the food bite by bite.Taste the juices and the change in texture as you chew more.

  1. Try not to run your life by the clock

Tune into your body’s natural clock called the circadian rhythm. Know when you are at your active best and schedule the tasks which require more concentration at that time. health tips

  1. Take power breaks listen to music

Watch a motivational video or call up an old friend, mom or anyone that makes you smile. Do little things that make you happy and do it more, they don’t require time or money. health tip

So take a deep breath, and slow down for a bit.


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