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Ami Savla, Founder - Socialize Store

She is young, she is dynamic and she is inspiring. Ami Savla, founder of Socialise Store, has made it her mission to spread digital literacy and knowledge of social media to the country. By way of her brilliant workshops, she encourages anyone and everyone who wants to find their way around the labyrinths of social media platforms, smartphones and what-nos. From start-up entrepreneurs to those dreaming of being one, from senior citizens for whom smartphones are touch-and-go riddles to youngsters waiting to learn at the speed of light, Socialize Store’s workshops are the best and most reasonably-priced answer.

Goregaon Highway Pulse is delighted to feature an interview with Ami Savla and showcase her talent and vision.

GHP: What made you initiate Socialize Store? Share a bit of your journey so far.

AS: I saw that there were a great number of women out there who had some amazing business ideas but scarce knowledge on how to promote their idea or brand effectively on digital platforms. This is how Socialize Store was born, back in September 2015, with the objective to make the women of our country digitally literate.

We at Socialize Store help all budding start-ups, ideators, employees, trainers, teachers, women entrepreneurs, students and day-dreamers to become tech savvy and be digitally and technologically literate at the most affordable rates.

GHP: How effective do you think social media is, for society today? How do you see it as a meaningful part of daily life?

AS: The ability and need to quickly grasp enormous amounts of information and present it creatively in words and visuals across different media is indispensable. In other words, if you can read, write and communicate effectively with visuals, you will always be in demand and so the knowledge of social media plays a very important role in today’s world.

Women entrepreneurs in various sectors have been immensely successful, dispelling the old myth that they cannot handle businesses as confidently or as assertively as men do. I saw that when it came to social media, many women developed cold feet. With Socialize Store, I intend to dispel this myth as in today’s convergent mass media space, narrow specialisations are restrictive.

GHP: What does the future of social media look like to you – in daily lives as well as for professional purposes?

AS: Social media is such an amazing platform, if channelised in an effective manner. To give you my own example – I have trained more than 800 people till date and 85 percent of my clients have come through social media marketing.

GHP: What is the best response you have ever received from participants in your workshops?

AS: The most satisfying moment was when one of my oldest clients, a 75-year-old man came to my workshop. He had just bought a new smart phone and he came and asked me to teach him everything about his phone on the same day. There was no one to help him with this new gadget. Even I had assumed that he won’t be able to learn technology so easily, but he well proved me wrong. He learnt almost 60 percent of his phone’s capabilities in just two hours. That was pretty amazing. It proves that it’s never too late to learn or to teach something new and to keep yourself up to speed with the changing times.

Snapshots of some of the many successful Socialise Store workshops

GHP: How do you advise women across the board, as the founder of Socialize Store?

AS: It is all about having a unique business concept that makes an entrepreneur stand out from the crowd. The best way to carve a niche for your startup is by having an out-of-box approach and execute your vision delicately.

One needs to realise that just having a great idea will not ensure success. Great execution certainly will. For the same reason, it is important to make yourself aware about different topics related to various subjects including finance, digital media, legal affairs, technical, administration, logistics, to name a few.

For the same reason, one should also never stop learning and continuously keep oneself updated by attending sessions, seminars and workshops at regular intervals. We have collaborated with several women and start-up communities in Mumbai with the aim of reaching out to as many people as possible to share digital media knowledge at an affordable price.

GHP: Could you share your academic qualifications and background?

AS: I have a MBA degree in Human Resources. Born in a loving and supporting family. My parents always wanted their children to be entrepreneurs in near future. I had a simple childhood and started understanding life through various experiences through school and college. I worked as an HR consultant in an IT company for two years before I worked on my ambition to be an entrepreneur and start my own business.

GHP: How would you describe yourself as a person? Your beliefs, passions and more?

AS: I love collaborating and networking a lot. This helps me broaden my own horizon and gives me a wider perspective to life. I believe in loving your competitors. Don’t fear them. Collaborate and grow together, that’s my motto. I believe one should talk passionately about one’s idea to everyone who one meets.

I take inspiration from my spiritual master, Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri (Gurudev), whom I lovingly refer to as Bapaji. I am inspired to walk the path of goodness, humility, hard work and dedication.

Ami Savla will be conducting a Socialize Store workshop in Goregaon east very soon. Watch this space for updates!



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