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Cast – Diljit Dosanj, Taapsee Pannu, Angad Bedi, Satish Kaushik

Director – Shaad Ali

Rating – ***

Set in a small village of Haryana, Soorma is based on the real-life story of Indian hockey player, Sandeep Singh (played by Diljit Dosanj). Despite being naturally gifted in the sport, he realises his potential very late in life. In a bid to impress a female hockey player Harpreet (Taapsee Pannu), Sandeep becomes serious about the game. As his love story blossoms and his hockey career takes off, a freak accident leaves him paralysed waist below. From there begins his journey of resurrection, ultimately aiming to stand back up on his feet. (Quite literally)

The Upside

Keeping in mind the genre of the film, director Shaad Ali narrates this tale with a clear goal in mind: To glorify the journey of a sportsman who rose from the ashes against all odds, and triumphed. The story focuses on Sandeep’s love story with Harpreet around the backdrop of hockey. There are several high points in the film that induce goose-bumps like any typical sports film. The best ones are when Sandeep’s brother (Angad Bedi) figures out that his younger sibling is naturally gifted, or when Sandeep is playing for India and manages to score goal after goal in the game, gaining the title ‘Flicker Singh’; the fastest drag-flick player ever.

The film is peppered with some comic instances and will certainly bring a smile on your face.  Sandeep’s Bihari coach Harry (Vijay Raaz) stood out for his hilarious comic timing.

The Downside

While Sandeep Singh’s story is quite inspirational, it’s also been unnecessarily dragged through a lot of melodrama and pointless songs. The love story between Sandeep and Harpreet didn’t have the required chemistry that you could resonate with. There was definitely something missing in that arena.

Much attention and detail was given to his personal life, missing out several instances of his professional life. So, if you’re expecting a Chak De! India -like rise of adrenaline you’ll be slightly disappointed. There are moments when you’d feel for the character after he becomes paralysed, but the dragged scenes and songs make it a tiring watch towards the second half. The film could have been crisper and tightly edited.

The performances

Diljit Dosanj is on point and has undoubtedly given one of his best performances till date. He manages to ace his act while giving the audience a glimpse of his vulnerability on screen. Although Taapsee Pannu is laudable in her role, she doesn’t manage to stand out. Despite matching screen-time with the hero, you’d want to see more of her as a player than just the girl he fell in love with.

Angad Bedi, as the older brother living his dream through Sandeep, is worthy of praise. The sibling bond they share is beautifully captured on screen. Supporting characters – Satish Kaushik, Danish Hussain and Vijay Raaz – play their characters brilliantly.

Overall, the film is a great attempt to pay ode to the renowned hockey player.

#SupriyaSays: Soorma is a one-time watch to learn the incredible journey of Sandeep Singh.

-Supriya Nair

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