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South High Malad

South High Malad creates a colourful, bustling atmosphere to enjoy an awesome variety of
South Indian food with.

Mumbai has had a love affair with South Indian food for decades together. One of the recent offspring of this liaison is South High. Launched about a month ago, South High Kitchen and Bar is at Malad west and at Lower Parel in Mumbai. One of the partners is Suraj Shetty, the dynamic restaurateur behind brands like Banana Leaf , Mahesh Lunch Home and Malgudi.

High Five This Restaurant Once

You definitely want to visit South High at least once. The menu is expansive and interesting. It features a lot of Managalorean, Keralite and Tamilian classics. There are also some fun fusion options in the starters menu.

Try the Dosa Tacos for sure. Six-inch dosas are deftly folded to mimic the Mexicans but stuffed with very Indian filling. Try the vegetarian one – Karamana Dosa – with a chilli paste-infused potato masala.

The non-vegetarian option – Narukku Dosa – is stuffed with mutton or chicken kheema. We tried the mutton Narukku Dosa and was glad I did! Well-spiced and well-cooked, the kheema stuffing fills you up with good vibes.

South High Malad
Quick Gun Murugan Idli

You must order the Quick Gun Murugan Idli every time you visit South High Malad. Idlis are diced and spiced in ghee and gun powder and served hot. A great starter, for sure. I should make a special mention of the sambar served at this restaurant. Just right – not overly sweet or sour  – and definitely slurpy!

There are plenty of seafood options to choose from as appetisers too. We tried the Krispi Squid Podi and were seriously happy with what came to us! The squid was cut into just the right size and fried perfectly. It didn’t lose its crispiness at all, which is what almost every squid fry is prey to in Mumbai’s humidity.

We also tried the Matti Kunda Chicken, but found it to be too similar to regular chicken tikkas. It did look quite quaint, though, in a humble earthen pot.

Main Course at South High Malad

Figure out what you want to eat beforehand by checking out the menu online. Or, be prepared to take at least ten minutes to choose! The menu goes one for a couple of pages and leaves you salivating at every entry.

Here’s what we finally settled for –

Avial and Appam: Lacey, soft appams that glided down the palate with fragrant Kerala-style vegetable curry. The coconut milk wasn’t overbearing in flavour so this dish is perfect for a first-time Avial eater and those who can’t stomach too much spice.

Malabari Kari & Parota

Malabari Kari & Parota: Layered paratha a la Kerala served with a peppered vegetable curry. We do wish this would have omitted the paneer and just stuck to its authentic ingredients!

Mutton Kari & Rice: Not for the faint-hearted this one! Mangalore’s infamous slow-cooked mutton curry comes like to you like a challenge in a bowl. Fiery curry with tender mutton pieces – which will you love more? Eat it with dollops of plain rice to ease the spice here. Or, keep a glass of chilled buttermilk ready as your wingman.

But Some Points Go South Here

Like we said, you must pop by South High at least once, with family or friends. We told you all the reasons why already. But we do have to also tell you of some stuff we were a tad put off by.

The staff, though very eager, was always short on menu cards! We understand eco-friendly enterprises but if that’s the case, please keep iPad menus handy!

The filter coffee was a definite downer. It’s something we always look forward to at a South-style eatery and have never been disappointed. Why, South High, was it so milky and low on power?

Sunday crowd blues. The main course was delayed quite a bit, it being a Sunday and all. And the place was too too noisy. You catch yourself shouting out to your friend across the table for almost anything. Don’t know what can be done for the noise but the service sure could get quicker.

We did want to try some desserts here but were quite delayed on the main course – four of us got our food only one by one – so decided to wrap up this dinner ASAP. Maybe next time, we’ll end our South High visit on a sweeter note!


Address: 206, Near Inorbit Mall, New Link Road, Malad West. Map it
Call: 022 33126050
Price range: 1000 for 2 people (without alcohol and desserts)

Note: GHP conducted this food review anonymously and paid for the entire meal




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