Studio Gulaal: Bringing out your unique colours

What happens when an established psychotherapist and a counsellor decide to start a fashion business? Well, for starts, they will know exactly what you need!

Welcome to the vibrant world of Studio Gulaal –  a Bangalore-based boutique that also sells online. Started by a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law duo of Kiran Shrivastava and Neha Cougnery, Studio Gulaal runs by the tagline Phenomenal Like You. The studio offers customised Indian, Western and Indo-western wear for women and for young children.

Talking to GHP about this unique business, Neha reveals the very core ethos of Studio Gulaal.

Why is Studio Gulaal so unique?

Reversible Waterfall Jacket in Kalamkari patchwork: 1975

The greatest USP here is hyper-personalisation. Studio Gulaal creates one-of-a-kind pieces based on each woman’s personality. So, it’s not just about the colours, patterns or fabrics one uses.

Your garments are created after a heartful chat with the designer duo. Understanding not just the occasion or style you’re looking at but also your body type, your comfort and your self-image is the game-changing approach here.

‘Women will first always shop to cover what they believe are their “problem areas”’, says Neha. True that. How often does one think of first identifying and accentuating the best parts about one’s physique? Wouldn’t you rather love your body and dress it up accordingly?

Why you’re not just a size for Studio Gulaal

At Studio Gulaal, a customer is not seen as S, M or L but unique in their body type and body shape. Through simple cuts, careful selection of patterns and design, pieces are created as singular for each client. ‘We will never repeat an outfit for anyone else. Even when one lady requests a piece just like what she saw another wear, we will include some colour, patterns or embellishments that will give the second piece its own identity’, Neha shares. Isn’t that music to your ears?

Who is Studio Gulaal for?

Studio Gulaal caters to women above the age of 25 years, who need outfits to be well crafted, customised, affordable and comfortable. It also creates garments for young girls and boy upto the age of 10 years.

Custom-made pieces are available from ₹1500 onwards, inclusive of fabric expenses.

Sustainable and re-purposed fashion at Studio Gulaal

Outfit for a young client

Studio Gulaal is not just about affordable clothes but also about sustainable fashion. ‘We advise our clients to make something with us that they would want to wear again and again. We discourage an impulse purchase which may then be unused after the first wear’, Neha says. Once a comfortable garment that makes you look good is obtained, you tend to wear it more often. This is the Studio Gulaal magic. In helping a product live out its true lifespan, you ensure a truly sustainable purchase.

Neha and Kiran also encourage re-purposed fashion pieces. That heavyweight saree you bought for your trousseau and now wonder what to do with – take it to Studio Gulaal. That old classic of your grandma’s that you’d like to salvage for an eternity – take it to Studio Gulaal. The designers delight in preserving these by creating more wearable, practical and elegant outfits for you.

Studio Gulaal online

Studio Gulaal also sells via online interactions with clients. Post a phone call with the team on what you need and what would work best, you have to send in some reference images, some full-length pics of yourself and specific measurements as per the designer’s requirements.

Timelines: It takes about 30-45 minutes for a client to arrive at a final decision on an outfit. Within 10-12 days, the outfit is ready. Studio Gulaal works on a 100% advance payment.


Call: 9740166158 
Store address: G – 01, San Diego Building, Near Wipro Park, Koramangala 1st Block.





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