Sui Dhaaga tailors life’s lessons for you | Film Review

sui dhaaga

Starring: Anushka Sharma, Varun Dhawan, Raghubir Yadav

Rating: 4/5

Director: Sharat Katariya

Sab badhiya hai…the standard statement from Mauji. Here’s a happy but still not lucky character in Sui Dhaaga. Yet, the film proves to its viewer one thing – luck is only for those who strive to create it for themselves.

The Sui Dhaaga Story

Mauji provides a stitch in time of everyone, every time. He saves not nine but nineteen to a dozen. His family is in line of a grand legacy of tailoring. But it is all a thing of the dark past now for him and his father, who have just about raised themselves from ruin. With factory-run garments business dominating the market, there are no takers for original hand-crafted clothes.

With work being, at best, demeaning, Mauji seeks to establish dignity and prosperity in his life and decides to set up his own tailoring enterprise. Brickbats, abuse and severe admonishment are all his. But the cast iron frame propping him up at all times is Mamta, his quiet and wise wife.

Sui Dhaaga is at once a story of small-town characters, of a lesson in hard work, a love story and a family drama. How these skeins are woven into a beautifully lyrical film, is a craftsman’s marvel. There is that unmistakeable Aditya Chopra effect from start to finish. In the simple fabric of the story and its intertwined characters. Call it that old-world charm if you may but Sui Dhaaga proves the old that is worth its gold. Anu Malik’s lilting music and Anil Mehta’s vivid camera create that charm.

The Sui Dhaaga Characters

The Mauji-Mamta pairing of Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma is endearing. Acting by both are heartfelt and evocative. Far from her earlier exuberant characters, Anushka is impressive as this restrained but tenacious Mamta. Varun’s Mauji makes you smile a lot, sometimes with a tear in your eye. Their affection blooms slowly and silently, in scenes with no dialogues but with much emotion.

Mauji’s father, played by Raghubir Yadav, is amusing and is his usual effortlessly superb self. I’ve admired him since Mungerilal Ke Haseen Sapne.

The entire cast is perfectly chosen and weaves together in Sui Dhaaga like it was always meant to be part of this loom.

The Sui Dhaaga Lesson

Undoubtedly, Anushka and Varun put back the value of hard work, struggle and determination back in my life. At a time when we long to have it all the easy way – success, appreciation and benefits – they put the simple tenets of life squarely in my face last afternoon. Like it or not, all of this comes with strings attached.

Be it a 40-kilometer bicycle ride to avail a free sewing machine and win it despite a bleeding foot, to constantly fighting against crooks and disbelievers, Mauji and Mamta walk abreast as one. And make for a winning unit of mutual respect and undying support. They are each other’s sui and dhaaga. Watch Sui Dhaaga for some serious relationship goals, I’d say.

As for me, I’m tempted to go buy that sewing machine I’ve always wanted to sit at and learn to use!

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