Suited Booted: Top 5 Monsoon Must-Haves for Pets

Top 5 monsoon must-haves for pets

Picture this. You’re enjoying a hot cup of tea with garam bhajiyas. Just then, your bell rings and as your pet comes back from a walk, with muddy paws, wet fur and trails of dirt along the living room. Every pet parent must have experienced this.

Taking care of your pets during the monsoon season may be slightly taxing but it’s not impossible. Here are the top 5 monsoon must-haves for pets.

1) Protective Gear  

A lot of rainwear options have been made available for pets. Raincoats, gumboots, jackets – you name it and they have it. Laina –The Pet Store on Filmcity Road has a number of raincoat options for big and small pets alike.

Before buying these accessories for your pet, do find out how comfortable they are in them. Apart from getting your pet the correct size, you also have to get them used to the product.

2) Anti-Fungal Powder

Since dogs do not sweat through their skin, it makes them susceptible to fungal and yeast infections in this season. Watch out for signs like incessant itching in the ear area or pets that are constantly licking their paws to relieve discomfort. Ensure that you’re cleaning their paws and wiping them dry after every outdoor visit.

Himalaya’s anti-fungal powder is available at most pet shops and it usually helps keep infections at bay. Dogs with floppy ears tend to retain moisture in their ears which may cause irritation. It’s important to clean them regularly and keep it dry.

3) Tick and Flea Medication        

The rainy season is like Disneyland for ticks and fleas. They’re all over the place and can have some damaging effects on your pets. Avoid taking your dog for a walk on grass as they tend to be a breeding ground for ticks.  With tick fever in the air, it’s even more important to consult your vet on the right tick and flea medication.

Keep their sleeping area clean and free from mosquitoes and bugs. Pets are very susceptible to worms in this season. De-worming is absolutely necessary for them to avoid worm infestations and other complications.

4)  Dry Shampoo

Using too much water to bathe pets during the monsoon can also cause rashes or infections. Use a dry shampoo to clean them thoroughly. These shampoos help get rid of the dirt and grime on your pets fur coat without the use of water.

A hairdryer can be used over damp fur.  Captain Z dry shampoo and Pet Kin waterless shampoo are some of the options available at Laina –The Pet Store.

5) Good Nutrition and Multivitamins

Your pet’s monsoon diet should include fibre-rich food like bananas. This will help pets suffering from indigestion. Always make sure that their food is freshly prepared and the feeding area is clean. In addition to that, multi-vitamins will help your pet build a strong immune system. Even pets can catch a cold and flu if proper care is not taken during this season.

Avoid leaving your dog bowl with water for long periods of time as they may attract mosquitoes. Keep your pets safe, dry and shower them with lots of love.

– Supriya Nair

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