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goregaon summer camps

GHP helps you find summer camps for children in Goregaon happening this Summer of 2019!

Bijal Vora’s Summer Camp 2019

It’s that time of the year when holidays are about to begin and the parents frantically search for options to keep their kids occupied!!

This April and May, Activity Curator, Bijal Vora brings to you a fun-filled and full of learning camp which offers various experiential activities under one roof!

Exciting forms of Art N Craft, Fitness N Nutrition, Sports, Storytelling, Robotics, Pottery, Painting, Clay Modelling, Personal Grooming and Soap Crafting

Batch 1 – 15th to 30th April
Time – 10.30 am to 12.30 pm
Fees – ₹5000 

Batch 2 – 1st to 10th May
– 10.30 am to 12.30 pm
Fees – ₹3500
Venue – Ivy Tower (Opp to Oberoi Mall, Goregaon E)

To sign up, contact Bijal Vora at 9892475966.

Nana Nani Ki Kahani
By Preethi Swami

Date: April 1 onwards (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
Time: 2-3 PM, 3-4 PM, 4-5 PM
Age group: Upto 10 years
Charges: ₹1500 per child / ₹1000 as buddy charge
Location: Satellite Gardens, Goregaon E

“As clichéd as it may sound, I believe we (and our children) can learn a lot from our rich, cultural heritage”, says trained storyteller, Preethi Swami.

Kalidasa’s Shakuntala is as much an ode to true love and sacrifice as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Unfortunately our education system relies heavily on teaching only about Western wars and tomes. The presence of Indian epics and historicals is negligible, if not absent.

Through her summer camp, Preethi wants to take children back to our glorious past! They will hear about the exploits of the Maurya dynasty, gain insights about Bhagvad Gita, tales from the Panchatantra, works of ancient India’s poets and writers such as Kalidasa and Banabhatta.

Stories that teach good moral values such as honesty, love, sacrifice, courage, good karma and dharma. Stories that give a brief insight into our history and hopefully instill more pride in our Indianness!

About the conductor: Preethi Swami, is a banker who veered from number-crunching at desks to skill-building in children. An internationally trained and certified Social Skills & Etiquette trainer for kids and teenagers. Bibliophile. Teller of great stories!

Contact: 9820298120

Robotics and Automation by Botlab

Date: April 23rd onwards
Location: G 102, B Wing, Express Zone, Off Western Express Highway, Goregaon East

BotLab is an institute that delivers education in Robotics and Automation. 
Vacation camps at BotLab are one of a kind. They not only introduce with the automation happening around us, but also take young innovators to the level of Home automation.  

The mission is to enable a student to grasp these concepts at young age. Botlab is a skill-development centre – Foundation Future Perfect. It takes further the concept of DIY from “Do it yourself” to “Design it Yourself” by providing required hardware and software. Botlab also introduces to students to 3D printing which would come as a boom in the future in the field of designing and manufacturing.

Students learn to create Robots or Machine models or an exact working replica/prototype of any product or object with engineering bent of mind.
Other variety of Summer camp is 3D Designing, Scratch Programming and Block Programming.

Summer camp is built level wise. Students can start from basic level and continue to the advance courses. It will open a small window to the world of robotics.


·         Camp 1:  Chhota Bheem Robotics
Eligibility:  6-8 years

·         Camp 2:  Scratch Programming
Eligibility:  8- 10 years

·         Camp 3:  3D Designing
Eligibility:  8- 10 years

·         Camp 4: Autonomous car camp
Eligibility: 11- 14 years

·         Camp 5:  Smart Car camp
Eligibility: 11- 14 years

·         Camp 6: Exploit the Microcontroller
Eligibility: 14 years and above, Or Microcontroller programming knowledge

·         Camp 7:  Home Automation
Eligibility: 14 years and above, Or Microcontroller programming knowledge

Contact: 9326357321

Kids’ Nutrition Camp : Prachi Mandholia

Dates: April / May / June 2019
Venue: Raheja Sherwood, Goregaon East
Timing : 10.30 am – 1.00 pm
Charges : ₹1500 per batch

A unique camp conducted by Prachi Mandholia – Clinical Nutritionist. She conducts several workshops for kids. An interesting workshop which covers learning nutrition through fun activities like art, craft, food mapping, healthy habits, storytelling and games. There will be lots of learning and lots of fun.

Batch 1 : 8 – 12 April
Batch 2 : 15 – 19 April
Batch 3 : 22 – 26 April
Batch 4 : 29 April – 3 May
Batch 5 : 6 – 10 May
Batch 6 : 13 – 17 May
Batch 7 : 20 – 24 May
Batch 8 : 27 – 31 May
Batch 9 : 3 – 7 June

Contact : 9820293719

KheloMore Summer Camp: Forza India Academy

Forza India Academy is starting its football summer camps for kids!

Dates: April 15th – May 31st, 2019 (Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday)
Venues: Malad West, Andheri West and Andheri East
Timing & Charges : As per batch

Forza India Academy is not just a football training centre. It calls itself a “Football Development Centre”.

It is founded with the sheer passion to introduce one of the world’s most popular and most joyful sports to children today. The trainers at Forza are developing footballers at the grassroots level, at par with training in football giant nations. 

With a bedrock of international training and practices at the core of its curriculum, Forza India helps not just football skill but also values of team building, fairplay, decision making, self-confidence and more such.

Contact: 9820841814 (Ajay) / 9029909093 (Ashutosh) 

The Jungle Book Safari by WagTales

jungle book

Venue: Pench Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh
Dates: 8 – 11 May 2019
Details: 4D/3N + 3 safaris + story immersion and enactment, parent+child bonding activities and games based on Waldorf principles.
Charges: ₹19750 per adult / ₹17750 per child
Junior version (3D/2N+1 safari): ₹13250 per adult / ₹12000 per child
Children under 5 years: ₹10500

How can a story be used to enrich an experience? How can it leave an imprint on a child? How can it aid to deepen the bond between parent and child?

THE JUNGLE BOOK SAFARI is exactly such an experience. Designed and curated by Waldorf parents and Steiner enthusiasts, this safari is viewed as an opportunity for parent and child to deepen their connection through the story of Mowgli and Baghera. A story which we believe will leave an imprint about love and parenting being more than just biological.

Besides the safaris, we are planning parent-child bonding games and exercises, story sessions and story enactments, where we will create a base for the safari the next day, making figures of the animals in clay, among other things.

Older children will go into the local village and try and unravel the local legend of the wolf boy, and write their own story around it. The older children, will also attempt a short trek trying to see how we can survive in the wild with few supplies!

Contact: 9820250619

Super Fun-filled Summer camp by Bhanu Naggar

goregaon summer camps

Dates: April 29 – May 10
Venue: Dheeraj Valley, Sai Baba Complex, Goregaon E
Charges: ₹3000 per head

– Creative intelligence programs
– Craft activities
– Storytelling session by leading storyteller.
– Cooking workshops

Contact Bhanu Gaggar on 9619009808

Youth Workshop | Personality Enhancement

Dates: April 8 – 26
Timing: 11 am
Venue: Rhhyns Academy, Malad West
Charges: ₹10,500 per head

Teenage is a tricky age. Peer pressure, future, education, family pressure, society, career and so much more. This is an age of confusion.

Rhhyns Academy Pvt. Ltd. tries to decode teenage for the youth of today, with them, for them. 

Let your teen experience an atmosphere where he/she is understood. 

For more details contact 9619439949  Register NOW

Bachpan – Early Childhood

Dates: April 22 onwards
Venue: Rhhyns Academy, Malad West
Charges: ₹7,500 per head

They are young, they are naive, they are vulnerable and yet they exude confidence, attitude and more. Let’s not reprimand them; instead
let’s guide them, let’s show them, let’s teach them.

Growing up is not easy; but it’s not difficult too. Early childhood and adolescence is a confusing age; let’s make it fun for them.

Rhhyns Academy Pvt Ltd brings to you an Early Childhood Nurturing workshop for children aged between 8 to 12 years. The workshop will be experiential, fun, filled with activities, interactive and informative. 

This Summer, let your child evolve!

For more information contact 9169439949

Enjoy-a-Ball Summer Camp


Dates: 15 to 26 April
Time: 5 to 6 pm
Age: 3 to 8 years
Fees: ₹3,000 per child ( Special buddy discount of 10%)

Dates: 15 to 26 April
Time: 11.30 am to 12.30pm 
Age: 3 to 8 years
Fees: ₹3,000 per child ( Special buddy discount of 10%)
Venue: Witty Kids ,Goregaon East

Your child will love spending some of their break time with this action-packed holiday program!

Children at Enjoy A Ball will indulge in fun warm ups, exciting team building games, parachute play and much more. Enrol now and gift your child a funtabulous camp this summer.

Limited space so kindly book early.

Call 9870296113 for registration.

Summer Camp by Sprouts Childcare and Preschool


Dates: 6 – 24 May
Time: 10 am – 1 pm | 2 – 5 pm
Age: 3 to 10 years
Fees: ₹4,500 per child Special buddy discount of 10%)
Venue: Sprouts Childcare and Preschool, Malad E

Sprouts Childcare and Preschool presents its Summer Camp 2019.

A unique activities camp specially curated by Sprouts team of women professionals in early education. Camps help children develop new interests and skills. Gift your child Sprouts Theme Camp this summer and see her bloom!

Enrol before 20 April 2019 to avail the early-bird offer ₹3999

Transport Facility can be arranged. 

Call on 9892243699 for details on group discounts and details on activities.

Summer Camps by Smartkids Goregaon East

This Summer, a truly #magical experience awaits your child at the Smartkids Summer Camp.

A 3-week program filled with scores of fun activities like #puppet shows, #dramatic play, #culinary art, topped off with a fantastical #pool party to beat the summer heat.

Book your seats soon and make this summer absolutely memorable for your little one!

Call 9920018700 / 9820562620

Wallabys Sports Academy’s Football Camp


The hand-eye & body  coordination  required for passing, dribbling, defending, etc., plays a vital role in developing physical characteristics and augmenting reflexes.

Soccer increases muscle tone and bone strength & also helps fortify our skeletal frame.

Soccers fosters TEAMWORK
The ability to work with others to reach a common goal is truly exemplified through soccer.

Connect with Wallabys Sports Academy for Soccer Summer Camps today

Aao Drama Kare

Dates: 16 – 30 April (Mon-Fri) | 6 – 17 May (Mon-Fri)
Time: 10.30 – 11.30 am
Age: 4 to 14 years
Fees: ₹700 per child
Venue: Satellite Royale, Film City Road, Goregaon E

Aao Drama Karey is a theatre-based summer camp for kids.

Smaller batches are planned for more personalised attention.

For more details contact Runa Ashish Bhutda: 81692111588

To list your upcoming summer camps in Goregaon, connect with the GHP Team here.

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