Sushant Singh turns author with Queens of Crime

sushant singh launches book queens of crime

Sushant Singh, Bollywood actor and Goregaon resident is now the co-author of Queens of Crime. Teaming with Kulpreet Yadav, the host of television crime series, Savdhaan India, is out with this non-fiction book on women criminals sure raises curiosity. GHP Mumbai got interrogative and spoke to the authors about this unique work.

GHP – How long has this book been in the making? What Kind of research went into this book?

Kulpreet Yadav – Close to a year, but the major part was dedicated to research including browsing offline and online publications, listing out events of each case, consulting the police to understand investigation procedures. We also interacted with lawyers and went through books available on women criminals to expand our understanding. 

GHP – What got you to write a book on women criminals? How different and men and women as criminals, when crime is crime, irrespective of gender?

Kulpreet Yadav – Crime is gender neutral. Even though most argue that circumstances make a person a criminal, it is not always so. In any case, female criminology is a new subject and not much is known about it. We chose the subject of women criminals because we thought it was really different and had a lot of potential.

Sushant Singh – Yes I agree that a crime is a crime, irrespective of the gender. Yet, as mentioned in a recent article comparing gender specific crime statistics, whenever we hear a murderer is on the run, the image that crops up is that of a man on the run. Usually we do not associate women with heinous crimes, so we felt it would be an interesting theme to explore.

GHP-  Did you find any common thread between these women criminals?

Kulpreet Yadav – No. All these women are so different. Not all of them are poor, not all of them have experienced pain or failure, and not all of them have been a victim of circumstance. That said, they were indeed caught between a rock and a hard place at the time of committing these crimes. 

Sushant Singh – I think the only common thread between all these women is their criminal mindset. Apart from that, all of them are completely different from each other.

sushant singh queens on crime
Queens of Crime is available online. Grab a copy and get hooked!

GHP -What has been the best compliment you have received for the book so far and from whom?

Sushant Singh – There was a young girl at the book launch, who is studying criminology in UK. She had bought the book about an hour before the launch. She said that she was already half-way through it by launch time! That was a huge compliment for us.

Rapid Fire with the authors:

Gun, Knife or Mind – Your favourite weapon of crime?

KY – None, since I have never committed a crime or thought about it.
SS – Mind

Your favourite crime show?

KY – Well, Savdhaan India is the best, I think. Crime Patrol is also very good. I enjoyed CSI and Dexter too.
SS – Money Heist 

How would you escape if you got to know the lady you were dining in a restaurant with was a con artist?

KY – Just get up and go after giving a smart excuse. 
SS – I have a few police officers in my contact list, so I would phone one of them and start a very informal conversation about how much I appreciate their efficiency in catching criminals. I am sure the lady would get the hint, loud and clear.

The story you would like to see on screen and the actress for that character…

KY – My favourite actresses are Tabu, Dia Mirza, Nandita Das and Sushmita Sen. I would love to see all these stories on screen, if possible. 

SS – The Tinder Murder, I would ideally like to direct it.

   –Sumedha Mathur 

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