NGOs in Goregaon

Say ‘I DO-nate’: NGOs in Goregaon to engage with for your wedding celebrations

“No Gifts Please” on your wedding cards? Here are some Goregaon NGOs your wedding guests can contribute to instead. A lot of families that are hosting weddings are strictly not accepting gifts of any kind from their guests. A lot more are also giving their guests the option to donate voluntarily to NGOs or charities […]

ram mandir station painting FFMA

At Ram Mandir station: Be Your Own #Hero

On Independence Day, Ram Mandir station witnessed a unique event of its own. Foundation For Mumbai’s Animals (FFMA) painted the station with the aim to create awareness and invoke compassion for animals in people’s hearts. What is FFMA? If you’re in awe of the beautiful painting at Ram Mandir station and are wondering whose handiwork […]