Earth Day 2018

Earth Day 2018 Special: Green Practices

Celebrating Earth Day 2018 on Goregaon Highway Pulse, we salute the work of ecopreneurs in Mumbai.  Mana Chatterjee, founder of Green Practices, talks to GHP about her beautiful eco-venture. A powerful film on climate change affected this sensitive person to do something about ecological balance. Mana went on to establish a concrete solution, that will impact our […]

organic Holi colours

Buy Organic Holi Colours in Goregaon

Organic Holi colours help promote safe and sustainable Holi celebrations.  Red, blue, indigo or yellow – drench your friends in any or more of these colours. But do it with organic Holi colours! Chemical-based colours kill our marine life and harm our waters. Beginning with how much of our effort and water they waste when […]