The Heart Chef

Listen to the Beat of The Heart Chef!

Simona Terron, The Heart Chef, has been podcasting all things food, health and fun. The Heart Chef Whatsapp podcast is all about simple but soulful food talk, every week. With quite a history with gastronomy and culinary arts, Simona’s heart, mind and soul are all about food. And now she comes with all her heartful […]

ahimsa fest 2017

Xchange Thursdays: A forum for social change by Simona Terron

XChange Thursdays, a monthly event, organised by GHP member Simona Terron in Bandra, is raising awareness about important social movements happening around us. The last edition had The Ahimsa Fest 2017 speakers in conversation with guests. Ahimsa Fest 2017: Did you know that there’s a large-scale Vegan event that’s coming up this month? We got […]