Pitara: Exquisite Furniture Pieces – Goregaon, Mumbai

pitara furniture Goregaon
pitara furniture Goregaon

Looking to tweak the interiors of your home? Need to add just that one piece that can be a game-changer? Get yourself a Pitara creation!

Pitara is the labour of love of Vidya Sundaresan. This 42-year-old architect took to designing bespoke furniture pieces recently in 2015. And after this elevation, she’s hardly looked back!

Pitara Goregaon
Foyer-cum-TV unit with handpainted canvas top

What is Pitara?

Based in Goregaon, Pitara began as an endeavour to create pieces out of live edge wood and logwood. Soon, Vidya took to designing centre tables, benches, chairs and accent pieces.

Handpainted, custom-made and designed for the natural grain of each piece of wood used, Vidya’s creations are nothing short of stunning. Recreate that entryway or add a suave touch to that bedroom. Or just centre all attention to one piece in that living room – Pitara is that magic box of contemporary décor solutions.

Timber Tales 

Talking about her eclectic woodwork, Vidya says, ‘I believe all wood varieties have their own strength and beauty and weaknesses too. I generally work with rainwood – suar wood – as this is really nice for live edge furniture because of its wonderful grains’. One can feel Vidya’s passion just through her words!

She starts creating instantly as she spots a piece of wood in a sawmill or a junkyard. From thereon, innovation begins. As clients come in with their needs and preferences, Vidya works towards giving them uniquely designed pieces. The results are eye-catching home and commercial space furniture pieces that bear her handpainted designs, patchwork backrests and signature shapes and forms.

Study Table by Pitara

Pitara’s People and Persona

Through her journey of Pitara Woodwork, Vidya has found not just several loyal clients but also many like-minded people appreciating her aesthetic work.

Ask her what design trends she likes to stay abreast of and her response is as unique as her work – ‘I don’t follow trends closely but follow my heart’. One piece of logwood at a time, Vidya’s heart and mind creates pieces that defy mass-made products. They exude the warmth, creativity and quiet demeanour of true pieces of art. As vibrant colours juxtapose themselves against the maturity of wood, it’s a play of senses that remains the attraction of Pitara.


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Pricing: Small logwood centre tables: ₹3500 onwards; wooden benches ₹11000 onwards; chairs ₹7500

Call 098198 46861 | Email: pitarawoodwork@gmail.com

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