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Books and the habit of reading have always been close to my heart. My childhood is about vivid memories of trips to the neighbourhood libraries, bookstores (one would have to wait for special occasions to be bought new books!) and stocking one’s loot in the bookshelf. My mother often recalls how I would bring a pile of at least eight books to her in the afternoons, with eager requests to be read to. This was, of course, when I couldn’t read complete books by myself.

Once older, books were havens. Characters were part of daily consciousness and finishing a book was only as imperative as basic physiological functions!

I consider myself fortunate to have had parents who read avidly and encouraged me to read as well. Not many have such encouragement or avenues that promote reading habits in children.

The GHP blog would be incomplete without a section on books so here’s a brand-new category – Book Mark. News, views, reviews and all else related to books should come up here.

The first post here includes an impressive review of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by ten-year-old Mahira Seth, a resident of Raheja Heights, Film City Road. Her review was featured on ScoopWhoop this month. Mahira is a studying at JBCN International School in Borivali.

Why have I chosen this to be my first post in the Books category? Because it’s great writing and it’s proof that the habit of reading and intelligently communicating being alive in coming generations. Mahira keeps the hope alive that kids still buy, read and perceive books. Kudos to her parents, Ayesha and Gaurav Seth.

Mahira Seth

Here’s Mahira’s review:

GHP looks forward to more writing from this bright girl and to more such young readers and writers in the area!



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