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Come weekends and every parent looks for recreation options. In a mall-mauled city like Mumbai, one craves for meaningful and engaging activities for kids in the city.

The Curious Mind, over the last eight years, has been offering some really impactful options in this space. With skill building and wholesome learning experiences for children at its core, The Curious Mind (TCM) has many takers for it workshops in Goregaon and around.

What is The Curious Mind?

Yes, it does get curiouser and curiouser! The Curious Mind is all about after and beyond school learning courses. Language, LEGO, skill-building, reading and phonics make up the workshops for kids of all ages.

With course like the English Language Gym (ELG) and Little Brickers, Butterfly Reading Club (BRC), The Curious Mind provides engaging and fun ways of learning for the young and curious.

The Curious Mind’s Programmes to Sign Up For

the curious mind
English Language Gym in action!

English Language Gym (ELG) is a platform for kids upwards of 5 years to develop strong language skills. Thinking and analysing skills are honed to create enthusiastic readers, speakers and writers. Through varied activities, worksheets and games, a child becomes a communicator. Each child develops his or her language skills optimally, building confidence from a young age.

ELG classes by The Curious Mind have begun admissions, with centres in Goregaon West and Malad West.

“My child has been going to the creative writing program by Rashmi Bagri since the last 3 months. He has learnt many new words. As a parent, I feel his vocabulary has improved a lot”, is an honest testimonial for The Curious Mind’s writing program for children.

the curious mind
Little Brickers by The Curious Mind

There’s also the Little Brickers – Redefining Play. This is a program that elicits all-round learning through LEGO-based activities. Going beyond just the fine and gross motor skills mechanics, the Little Brickers sessions help young minds develop concentration and sharp focus. Language and comprehension, a sense of balance and symmetry, arithmetic and reasoning – all are proven to develop through such a program.

Who is The Curious Mind?

rashmibagri_the curious mind
Rashmi Bagri of The Curious Mind

Rashmi Bagri, Behavioural Trainer, Counsellor, Experiential Educator and Happiness Coach, is the brain behind The Curious Mind.

A post graduate in Educational Psychology & Counselling and various other certifications to her credit, Rashmi’s career has focused on creating positive impacts in the lives of people she has engaged with. Her work entails meeting people from different walks of life and the most common areas of concern or lacuna noticed was lack of emotional wellness. “While we are always reminded of physical health checks, there is no reminder for a mental health check-up”, Rashmi notes. This prompted her to create and facilitate workshops on emotional wellness.

Why The Curious Mind?

Butterfly Reading Club by The Curious Mind

Rashmi’s work at The Curious Mind is not limited to the corporate realm. She passionately dedicates her skills towards young adults and children. Using distinctly developed creative solutions, she makes their learning experiences fun, engaging and impactful. Her programmes for young minds cover life skills and social-emotional development through dynamic workshops, counselling sessions and therapies.

It is in emotionally strong people that we will find the strong future of tomorrow. Encouraging children to realise and utilise their unique potentials invariably creates a happier, more content and more progressive society. That’s the world that The Curious Mind works towards. And GHP Mumbai does too. We’re only too happy to feature these workshops for kids in Mumbai!

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