The Girl Who Wanted To Be a Dancer

Once upon a time there was a girl named Celia and she wanted to be a dancer. Every day she used to dance to her favourite songs. She loved Hip-Hop.

But one day her mother saw her dancing and said, “Oh, Celia! What do you learn from dancing? It is a waste of time.” But Celia did not listen to her mother and kept dancing. So her mother went away. Over the next few days the mother caught her dancing thoroughly, to the beat, and said, “One more time I see you dancing, you will be punished.”

The Girl Who Wanted To Be a Dancer

Celia stopped dancing. The mother said, “You will have to be a doctor. Doctors earn good money and you too will be more intelligent if you become one.” Celia did not care at all.

The next day, Celia’s mother went out shopping and gave Celia some work to do, related to the study of being a doctor. Celia did not finish her homework given by her mother and started dancing.

The next day, on her way to school, she noticed a hoarding that read – “Coming Sunday, there is a dance competition and whoever wins it will get a reward and a trophy. Fill in your names fast!”

Celia was very happy and she went home excited. She told her mom, “Mamma there is a dance competition! I so wish to go for it!” Her mother said, “Oh God, you and your dance!” Celia requested her mother to admit her in a class so she could learn dance and prepare for the competition. To this her mother replied, “No, you are not going for the competition.” So Celia went for the dance classes without telling her mother and paid the fees with her pocket money.

For the next few days Celia went to dance classes after school and when her mother used to ask why was she late, she would reply, “The teacher gave us so much of homework today that we had to stay back at school” or “We were punished today so we had to stay back.” She gave the same excuses every day. One day, when Celia was practising her dance steps, her mother caught her. She said, “Your punishment is to stay home and you will not be allowed to go anywhere.”

Saying this, Celia’s mother went for a bath. Celia quickly packed her bag, got dressed and barged out of the door. She reached the competition hall. Back home her mother put on the television and saw Celia dancing in Hip-Hop style. She screamed, “Aaaaaahhhhhh! That’s my girl! Oh, she is dancing so well!” After Celia got home, she thought that she was in for a bashing but to her surprise she saw that her mother was crying and with open arms said, “Oh, Celia! I am so so sorry. You dance beautifully and I am sorry for forcing you to become a doctor. You can be whatever you want to darling. I love you!”

Celia replied, “It’s ok mamma. Come on let’s dance! Let me show you my dance steps and then teach you some steps too!” So they both danced happily and when Celia grew up, she became a professional dancer. Her mother always supported her and saw all her shows and felt happy.

Sanaya Manglic


About the Author:
Sanaya Manglic is eight-and-a-half years old. She has been a prolific writer over the last three years. Being a avid reader, she began writing adaptations from her most-liked stories and later naturally grew to writing poems on life, nature, the world, family, etc. On graduating to chapter-ised books three years ago, she started writing stories with illustrations and including features like front covers , back covers, a summary on the back page and even a table of contents.

GHP wishes this budding writer all the best!

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