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The Herbiary Malad | Food Review

Looking for some real fresh and fun health food options in Goregaon and Malad? Check out The Herbiary! This 3-month-old eatery is the newest in the health food bracket in the neighbourhood. And we must say that it’s worth a try!

What is The Herbiary?

­Roots. Fruits. Love. This is The Herbiary’s tagline . The Herbiary serves fresh salads, sandwiches, soups, smoothies, juices and wraps. All flavoured subtly with fresh global herbs.

The highlight of their menu is the global health foods that feature on their menu. Think salad influences from Japan and Jamaica and healthy wraps inspired by Mumbai and Mexico. The Herbiary also serves soups, waffles, cold sandwiches and smoothies.

If you’re going Keto or Vegan, The Herbiary has plenty of options for you. Here’s a menu that clearly has plenty of thought, heart and health in it!

The Herbiary is a delivery-only eatery. No sit-down options.

What did we try?

We ordered Habibi and Ko Samui salads. Boy, call this a meal alright! You get one salad and you’re easily sorted for the next two hours.

The Ko Samui salad (₹280) was a delight. Loads of mixed greens and coloured vegetables were combined with buckwheat Soba noodles and Sriracha Chicken. The toasted sesame, peanuts and curry lime dressing was perfect – neither overbearing on the taste of the vegetables nor too oily. Habibi (₹240) is also a good vegetarian option, if you’re a falafel fan. The spinach and basil millets create a nice combination. Overall, both salads are substantial and very tasty.

We also tried the colourful wraps. The Herbiary gives delightful options of beetroot, spinach and chilli whole wheat wrap bases to choose from, in which your choice of fillings are doled out to the max. Again, there’s a gluten-free turmeric wrap for those who need it.

Healthy juices and smoothies by The Herbiary

We were tempted to try the Tapori wrap – classic Mumbai-style spiced potatoes, kachumber and masala cheese. But then decided to head westwards! The Gloria wrap (₹130) in a spinach base was a Mexican one. It was Mexican vegetables, fresh and fiery salsa, refried red beans and sour cream. Quite spicy but worth a try if you have the palette for it.

And, if you need to meet meat in your wrap, try Huevos Rancheros (₹240) like we did. Opt for the beetroot wholewheat wrap base. With Mexican chicken stuffed just right, this wrap can keep you going well after lunch, board meetings and till the early evening. No, this doesn’t imply that any of The Herbiary food is heavy. The ingredients are wholesome and generously doled out. So the fibre content ensures a happy stomach!

What does “Herbiary” mean?

Yes, we did ask the question! ‘Herbiary comes from herb and library’, Shibani says. ‘We take a lot of effort into the fact that there is an evident presence of different herbs in our food’, she explains. The Herbiary makes a conscious effort to bring alive childhood memories and present-day travels. World flavours that the team loves and wished were closer to home now come alive in The Herbiary’s kitchen

Who is The Herbiary?

Team The Herbiary

The Herbiary has 3 founding partners – Ridhima, Shishir and Shibani. Shishir and Shibani are also business partners in an AD film production company called Bow Chicka Wow Wow and Ridhima comes from owning her own online garment business. This is the team’s first food venture. And we at GHP love it.

The three came together and started working on The Herbiary with a passion to bring great healthy food to suburban Mumbai. After global travels and influences, the team wondered why more such options can’t be created here. And then they went cracking on an amazing menu that brings a smile to a health foodies face for sure. The kitchen has chef Vikas Vishwakarma leading a team of young passionate sous chefs, bringing fresh and flavourful dishes to patrons. Kudos to your efforts, team The Herbiary! We love you – roots, fruits, et al!

What does team The Herbiary choose?

We asked the team to choose the favourite from among their creations and here’s what they selected.

RidhimaBeets Me Clean salad. Flavoured by roasted beets, goats cheese, toasted walnuts kale and a balsamic pepper dressing.

Shishir – Po salad. Sushi rice, stir-fried pak choi and more veggies drizzled with spirulina powder and black bean ginger dressing.

ShibaniHulk smoothie – Spinach, pineapple, banana and yogurt. Try it!

The Herbiary also does some guilt-free desserts like Apple crumble parfait (Shibani’s fav) and superfood energy balls (really good too). Go on, indulge!

Note: GHP paid for it’s entire meal.


The Herbiary menu

Address: 86/646, MHB Colony, Pathanwadi road, Malad East. Get Directions

Call: 086522 86533

Timings: 11 am – 11 pm



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