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The Noisy Cafe

The name could not have been anything else – give the location. In the ever-pulsating heart of Malad west, at a major junction stands this surprising café – The Noisy Café.

I say surprising because when I walked in, the interiors really took me by surprise. Quaint, cosy and very chic – those are words that came to my mind. It’s like a interior architect’s stylish retort to the blaring noise outside.

The Noisy Cafe

What is The Noisy Café?

The Noisy Café is now barely a week old and it’s already set to create a buzz. The management named it so to make light of the decibel levels in its surroundings. Also, it hosts open mics, speakeasy-s and standup evenings that invite people to come in and make a noise about what they believe in. Or don’t believe in or just want to change. So, The Noisy Café is to become a platform for expression.

The Noisy Cafe
Mushroom Melt Melange: The Noisy Cafe

At the helm of it is a soft-spoken Vijay Kapoor, a co-partner of the café. A writer and a foodie – like me – he hopes to have this place appeal to the young guns in the area. You can just hang out here and work all day, chill with some colleagues post work and then vent out after that!

The Noisy Café includes bugles, trumpets and blow horns in its décor to make its intent very clear!

Also, are you one who laughs the loudest in the room? Then please prove it on the café’s decibel meter and you could claim some cool discounts for being a big mouth.

Is the food anything to make a noise about?

Yes, it is. The menu is limited and will expand in a few weeks. But with what it is, is good for sure. It’s a fusion and fastfood approach. And pure vegetarian. So you meet a paneer burger and veg quesadillas here. And some light soups and momos too. A north Indian by birth and beyond, Vijay still mourns the dearth of good momos in Mumbai. So this way he gets to do something about it at The Noisy Café.

I was curious about the Melange so I tried the Mushroom Melt Melange. And I devoured it. Not just because I was famished but because I loved it at first bite. Four generous pieces of Panini topped with a light and flavoured mushroom and cheese melt topping. Quite a tongue teaser.

The Noisy Cafe
Indian Curry Pasta: The Noisy Cafe

Vijay then suggested the Indian Curry Pasta. I would normally have given it a miss – thinking this would be penne thrown into Indian bhuna masala and topped with a whole load of cheese. But no. This is a white-sauce penne, with vegetables and topped with a the tadka of jeera, garlic, kadi patta and chilli powder. Another surprise from The Noisy Café – it was really well made. I think it was quite ingenuous of the chef to come up with this one. It sort of mixes videshi fancy and desi comfort food.

Desserts, smoothies and shakes are coming up on the menu, Vijay mentioned.

A 2-course meal for two would be anything between ₹600 – 750.

Do head to The Noisy Café if you’re in Malad west. It’s worth a visit. I will keep you posted on their open mics too.

-Anushree Chatterjee


Address: Ramchandra Ln, BJ Patel Rd, Kanchpada, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064. Map It
Hours: 12 pm- 12 am
Phone082916 01854

This review was conducted upon invitation by the restaurant.

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