The Polite Passenger

travel etiquette

A politician’s misbehavior on a flight – We’ve all had our opinion on it. ¬†From check in, take off, flying, landing, taxiing to disembarking, we’ve had our share of commenting.

But how many of us really mind our manners while zipping in and out? Here’s a quick checklist that’s far more important than a perfect airport look.

Three Little Words:

Please, Sorry, Thanks. You’ve paid for your fare and your meal. But it costs nothing to be polite. Agreed?

Getting personal:

Almost every airline personnel wears an ID with his or her name on it. So do most hotel staffers.

Rather than calling out with “Excuse Me” or “Hey”, it’s always good to address them by their first names. It goes a long way to establish a personal connect with someone whose assistance you need.

Good Greeting:

You may be off on a break but the staff at an airport or hotel is still on the job.

A polite “Good Morning” other could make your interactions with them in pleasant and facile.

I’ve noticed a lot of people ignore greetings offered by personnel at malls, restaurants and airports. I think it’s rude to not reciprocate, don’t you?

Disable the decibels:

Curb all your excitement of travel – even the hassles you may have faced on the way to the airport or station.

Keep your voice down but audible so you aren’t immediately tagged “rude”. This is more so for flights, where you’re sure to disturb other passengers.

No means no:

We pride ourselves in our jugaad ¬†abilities – to dodge a lane, skip a queue, undercut a fee, work around rules and regulations. Trust me, we need to stop. If something is prohibited, it’s for a reason.

Let’s follow the mandate and enjoy a safe and secure travel experience.

Bon Voyage, everyone!

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