The Retyrement Plan: Waste Turns to Wonder Here

The Retyrement Plan is a Goregaon-based brand that transforms waste to home decor wonders.

Conceived by textile designer, Anu Tandon Vieira, The Retyrement Plan is an enterprise that upcycles waste into tasteful furniture. Going beyond just that, it serves the artisans’ community in more ways than one.

While most of us were talking about the invincibility of plastic, The Retyrement Plan was already working their magic since 2011. Weaving artful decor from waste plastic wrappers, tyres and textile discard, Anu Tandon proves to be the woman with some solid plans.

The voice inside

Anu Tandon, Founder, The Retyrement Plan

The heaps of garbage that dot the city of Mumbai troubled Anu Tandon a lot. Also, working as a textile designer for the last 25 years, she encountered two major issues that she wanted to change. One was the large amounts of good textile discarded as scrap. The other – a challenge artisans faced – of ending up as migrants with no takers for traditional art or talent. Anu decided to take up these challenges head-on, as a designer and a socially conscious citizen.

Traversing an uncharted path

Anu Tandon’s journey started when she stumbled upon chindi – vibrant ropes made by twisting textile scrap. First, she experimented with a cane weaver in her neighbourhood to weave chindi into a rope, interlaced on a bamboo frame. This resulted in a furniture piece that reminded her of a tyre.

Anu then visited a tyre puncture repair shop and the idea of The Retyrement Plan was born. Looking at retired tyres from scooters, bus, trucks, etc., it dawned upon her that upcycling these would not only help the environment but also provide employment to local and migrant artisans in Mumbai.

The Retyrement Plan

This felt like a perfect plan, the kind that she could retire with. So, at the age of 50, Anu roped in a couple of artisans and started creating stools from tyres of auto-rickshaw, chairs from car tyres and large tables from used tyres of trucks.

How The Retyrement Plan weaves magic

All tyres are washed and sanitised. The frame is assembled by joining two or more tyres into the furniture frame. Then, ropes made from recycled textile scrap and plastic wrapper waste are arranged according to the colour and requirements of the design.

These durable ropes, which Anu bets have the tensile strength of  steel,  are subsequently woven to create furniture. Old wood, bamboo or cane is also used to form additional frames that translate into exquisite and very comfortable pieces .

Standing Strong For the Art and the Artisans

Anu Tandon and her team treat each creation as unique, with its own story. She believes that artists cannot be rushed and must be given their time and space to create masterpieces.

It typically takes 8-10 days to create one product, and each is certainly worth the effort. The Retyrement Plan has a  collection of vibrant and weather-proof furniture. These are tables, chairs, ottomans, poufs, swings, hammocks, reading nooks and even a pet scratch pad.

The Retyrement Plan

The Retyrement Plan is not only bringing beauty and colour to people’s homes but also to the lives of artisans.

This admirable enterprise is also contributing to sustainability and a beautiful purpose to Anu’s life. “I work with something that is already retired and to turn it into something useful. This is my retirement plan”, she confirms.

One can only imagine the haven this world would be if each of us could find a retirement plan as noble and innovative as The Retyrement Plan.


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-Katyayani Kapoor

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