The Ultimate Detox

GHP is delighted to welcome India’s leading Life Coach, Image Consultant and Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Kalyani Kamble as a guest blogger.

Kalyani has trained under Antano and Harini, sagacious practitioners who are founders of the School of Excellence. She has studied various techniques designed by the renowned New York-based Image Consultant, Judith Rasband.

With her brand, Image Impetus, Kalyani has trained over 1000 image consultants till date. She continues to conduct workshops and seminars to help individuals and professionals transform themselves to align their inner beliefs with their outward appearance.


The Ultimate Detox

Before you continue reading this blog post, I want you to do a small experiment. Are you ready? Take a glass of water and keep pouring water in it. Done? Is it full? Now keep pouring more water. Yes, go on. What is happening? By a logical assumption, the water is flowing over and spilling out of the glass, right? Now your table is dirty and you have to clear the wet mess.

Life exactly mirrors that process. That’s one of the governing principles of all time. It’s impossible to turn the tide of your life and to rewrite your history if you act depending on unsorted issues from your past. It’s very important to declutter your life, both physically and mentally.

Until now you might’ve heard about the detox for your system where you prescribe to a certain diet to clear the clutter in your gut. The Ultimate Life detox will also require you to follow a few steps.

They may sound absurd, but trust me on this one.

  • Pile.Throw.Repeat

Like the above suggests, make a list of thing that you own and don’t require anymore, pile it up and throw it. Now when I say throw, I mean, get rid of it. Even if that means, donating something or giving it for charity. What we don’t realize that everything in our life hogs up our energy and this bundle of unwanted things take up a lot. All in all, a full-scale cleaning is a game called “To what extent am I ready to let new experience into my life?”

The more you throw away, the more ready you are. By the way, this case applies to all the spaces you own, including your office, your summer house, your car, and even your private jet (if you have one). Surprise your colleagues — tidy your desk for real, start a genuine cleaning process!

  • Trash It Out

So, I don’t know about others, but this method is tried and tested. I’ve made it a point to sit every month, go through my mails and files on my laptop and delete the ones that are unnecessary. You will be surprised how light this will make you feel.

  • Organizer Mode: On

All I can say is that when you start organizing stuff – Start with your work station – you notice the difference yourself. A friend once told me this and I thought it was bogus. I always considered myself to be a creative mess. In my opinion, messier the desk, higher the creativity. What I didn’t realize is that all this sub consciously cluttered my mind so much that I could not think creatively rather.

I’ve laid out the framework for you. Implementing it is now your responsibility. The way a dietician helps you go through a detox, being a life coach and a personal excellence trainer, helping you with a life detox is my responsibility.

  • Get Rid Of Toxic People

Rid of the things or people that bring you down. Toxic people consist of the bi-polar (these people take you up and down. I love you, I hate you), the criers, the takers, the down-right mean people, the users, the bull-shitters, the gossipers, and the passive aggressive. Take control of your happiness by not allowing others to steer your emotions up and down or steal them altogether. If you can’t completely rid of the negative people, you can definitely set boundaries to minimize your interactions with them. Saying Good Bye means Hello to Happiness.

  • Clear Out the Grudges with a Dose of Forgiveness

When you hold grudges, possess anger or find yourself always looking backwards, it is hard to see what is so positive in this life. The great thing about forgiveness is you don’t have to feel it, you just do it. And, you are doing it for you, not the other person. If you are angry with someone, your attention and energy is given to them, not you. You can’t control your past, and that can be upsetting sometimes. But you can control your present and future, and you can drive yourself right up to happiness.

  • Flush out the Rumination

Rumination happens when we spend hours going over the same thing, again and again. When we face stressors, our brain immediately has memories of when we were in similar situations. The issue with women is that we tend to remember events of where we were wrong or where we messed up. We then spiral our brains down into this self-defeating, self-bashing event where we then “ruminate” for hours on what went wrong. This rumination of “things we have done bad,” becomes a pattern. Patterns get stronger and quicker over time.

To reduce stress, catch the negativity before you spend hours ruminating. When you begin to think poorly about yourself or decisions, try to find support for your faulty assumption, usually there is not support for self-defeating thoughts. Then, begin to reframe your negative thinking and challenge these thoughts. Don’t turn one bad decision into a lifetime of bad choices and do not think that one bad decision means that you are bad at “everything,” learn from it and march on.

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