The Wealth of Innovation: BotLabs Robotics Goregaon

A B C are the basics of communication. In the same way, engineering is the foundation of life. Can you imagine a life without a car, a phone or a television? But how many of us know how these work?

Not only this, Automation is changing the future. To be ready for the future, the best way is to embrace technology – STEM is the answer. STEM is Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics. BotLab in Goregaon east provides the platform for children to think creatively.

Every parent of every child looks to give newer experiences to their kids. Whether at home, at school or even in a restaurant, we keep looking for unique things that will appeal to kids of all ages. By constantly looking for out-of-the-box things, we are increasingly demanding innovation. So why not gift your child the ability to become an innovator? Why not put them on the path to think creatively, work in a unique but constructive way so that their minds are honed to break tunnel vision? BotLab in Goregaon east gives you this platform. Conducting robotics classes in Goregaon east, BotLab is promoting education in automation.

What is BotLab?

BotLab is an institute that conducts robotics classes in Goregaon east. Through robotics and automation classes, it aims to provide children with an understanding and a grasp of technology at a very young age. Nothing is changing as fast as technology. It is vital for the future generations to be up to speed with aspects such as coding to be able to take their learning, education and future prospects ahead in a holistic manner.

“Learning practically helps a child to retain information and retrieve it swiftly. Every child can become an innovator with Robotics”, believes the BotLab team.

BotLab not only offers Robotics camp and Regular robotics classes, but also has an unlimited lab accessibility. Any child with an idea of automation can go there for development and they will be helped by the team BotLab.

Who is BotLab?

Amol Kharpe
Priyanka Tamot

BotLabis helmed by the duo of Priyanka Tamot and Amol Kharpe.

While in the USA, Priyanka Tamot noticed a huge difference in education between American and Indian schools. The studies in the western countries are more practical oriented.

Children in their kindergarten start coding and making Robots. This made her want to apply and offer the same avenues to children here. A BTech graduate in information technology, she has work experience with brands like Infosys and JP Morgan Chase.

Amol Kharpe, co-partner at BotLab, also has over 17 years of BTech experience. With Priyanka, he began the BotLab dream by conducting robotics camps in housing societies. Since then, this name for robotics classes in Goregaon was established and has grown to train many children on a regular basis. “We want to take the concept of DIY from Do it Yourself to Design it Yourself”, says the BotLab duo.

The Upcoming Botlab Robotics Workshop

Located in Express Zone Mall, Goregaon east, BotLab is conducting a special robotics workshop for children from November 12th to 16th.

Have your child experience the joy of innovating and creating his or her own moving machine. Let the kids explore the world of Electronics and Coding through this workshop.

Connect with the BotLab team for all further details.


Address: BotLab, G102 Express Zone Mall, western Express highway, Goregaon east

Call: 098338 50363

BotLab Facebook page

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