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When it comes to writers of repute, Tanya Munshi needs little introduction. Her online venture, The Lifestyle Portal, is a very well-known e-publishing portal today.

The Lifestyle Portal (TLP), now in its seventh year, has featured over 180 entrepreneurs from across the world. With TLP, Tanya Munshi focuses on showcasing the formidable work being done by new-age entrepreneurs and provides entrepreneur directory listing, feature stories and workshop reviews. Read the feature on GHP’s GO Organic Market featured on TLP here

Tanya’s experience in professional writing spans 17 years, including major brands like The Hindu,, DC Books, Amar Chitra Katha. A few years ago, Tanya decided to offer her learning to the world in the form of the unique The Lifestyle Portal Online Writing Program. She was also involved as a visiting faculty teaching Journalism Writing for the MA program for Media & Communication, at the Department of Extension Education, SNDT Women’s University, Juhu, Mumbai.

GHP is proud to chat with Tanya Munshi, about her writing program that has helped several people to gain confidence in their writing skills and discover the joys of writing themselves.

GHP: How did you plan and shape The Lifestyle Portal Online Writing Program?

TM: I incorporated inputs and information from all that I learned during my PG in Mass Communication and journalism days. In my 17+ career and more than 7 years of running The Lifestyle Portal, I noticed how so many professionals were hesitant to write. That prompted me to start a writing program through which I could give people the confidence to articulate their thoughts on paper better.

There were several nuances that I also picked up as relevant to professionals who are keen to write but don’t know how to begin or start researching or draft an article.

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Tanya Munshi with her student, Dr Shruti Bajaj – Clinical Geneticist

GHP: How is the course structured? 

TM: There are two modules – Basic and Intermediary. Each for a one-month duration, with a weekly Skype session that lasts for about an hour each. It involves teaching, discussing the topic, assessment evaluation etc.

GHP: How does the program keep up with changing trends in content writing, with new and social media?

TM: Well, the beauty of my writing program is that it fits into many writing styles. The thing is, the trends may change, but the basic foundation and tools for writing will remain the same.

It is like swimming, or any sport, where one will have to start with the basics, as that forms the foundation to upgrade to other forms of writing. It helps a student to become more aware of their writing style and pick the one they like best.

Interestingly, most of my students have been doctors who have immensely benefited from my writing program. The modules have empowered them with the tools of writing where it has helped them in their research, brainstorming and writing an article.

GHP: What is the investment required for this programme?

TM: My personal time and energy is a major investment. Each of these

sessions and modules are time intensive as I mentor one student at a time through Skype sessions. I guide and mentor them from the start to the end of the writing program. Then I patiently follow up with my students regarding the assignments.

Writing needs a lot of patience, self-discipline and perseverance and these skills cannot be imbibed overnight. I discuss their submitted assignments with them, we try and understand the various elements and see how best they have incorporated the tools of writing. In fact, at the end of the process, they’re thrilled with the outcome.

Read these student testimonials for The Lifestyle Portal Online Writing Program:

1.    Dr Sunita Rajani, Pediatrician (London)
2.    Nita Jagad, Pediatrician and EQ Trainer (Mumbai)
3.    Munira Dalal, Content Writer and Storyteller (Mumbai)

Here are some published articles by students of the online writing program:

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If you wish to know more about the course, kindly drop an email/ call with your full name, age, professional background and why you want to pursue the writing program, so that Tanya can guide you accordingly.

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