This Pet Communicator is Coming to Goregaon Soon!

priyanka ajgaonkar

Haven’t you wondered what it would be like to talk to your pets? To know what they were thinking? We all communicate with hugs, kind words and tail wags. But what if you could go beyond to know if there’s something bothering your pooch? Has it ever happened that you showered them with love but are met with cold, uninterested responses?

Well, pet communicator and pet psychic Priyanka Ajgaonkar could able to help you. She’s coming to Goregaon this month for a full-day pet communication workshop.

Who is Priyanka Ajgaonkar?

Priyanka Ajgaonkar, Pet Psychic

Priyanka learnt that she was blessed with psychic abilities at the tender age of fifteen. After losing her mother and grandmother early in life, she realised that her power to connect with the universe had intensified. This helped her enhance her skills and she started Tarot reading.

With two pets at home, Priyanka always wanted to know what goes on in their minds. After a course in animal communication, she was adept in the subject.

Priyanka says, “I never thought of teaching, but there were many people out there who wanted to communicate with animals. After my first one-on-one session with one of my students, I was amazed at how I could help them communicate with their pet. After that there was no looking back.”

Animal Tarot by Priyanka Ajgaonkar

Animal Tarot reading is another area that Priyanka specialises in. “I felt that even animals need guidance in their life and since no one has touched upon this subject I thought of channelling my energies to Animal Tarot. Since animals can’t talk or share what they are going through, I thought why not use my abilities to help them.”

Browse through her Facebook page and you will see many favourable reviews for her unique services. I’d suggest that you take a look at them here.

Going beyond the physical

Priyanka claims that she can heal animals and birds without being in close proximity to them. All she needs is the animal’s name and she can form a deep bond with their soul. She can instantly develop a heart-to-heart connect with them and determine if they’re angry, sad, happy or gather a range of their emotions through animal communication.

Whether it’s a stray on the road, a wild animal in the jungle or even a deceased pet, Priyanka believes that she can communicate with them. She says that several strays have communicated with her on their own accord and she has healed them through this connect. Helping families receive messages from their deceased pets is another unique ability that Priyanka possesses.

Priyanka also practices Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. “One thing that I have learnt over the years through my Buddhist practice is that one shouldn’t be selfish and keep all knowledge to oneself,” she says.

Watch this space for more news on her upcoming workshop in Goregaon east this month. Do sign up and learn something totally new!

Pet healing, Pet tarot, Pet communication charges: 

1-day workshop on Pet Communication – ₹10,000 | Pet Tarot – ₹7500 |
Pet healing – ₹7500 | Animal communication per session – ₹3500 (1 Hour)

-Supriya Nair

Disclaimer – Reader discretion is advised. Views expressed in this article are an excerpt of a firsthand interview with Priyanka Ajgaonkar. Please consult Priyanka personally for her services, based on your needs and requirements. 


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