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Street Gourmet

Cheap and cheerful – Street Gourmet is an all-new vegetarian restaurant in Goregaon east. It serves a great variety of Mumbai street food and fast food.

After a very successful stint in Borivali, Street Gourmet comes to Goregaon east, in the growing khau galli behind Nirlon Knowledge Park. I’m going to do a count soon but I’m pretty sure we have over 50 eateries there already.

In addition to the street food stalls lined up on both sides of the road, there have been new sit-down restaurants opening almost every month. I told you about 3 new restaurants in Goregaon east recently right here on GHP Mumbai. Street Gourmet now adds to that number.

What is Street Gourmet?

This is a pure vegetarian eatery, with a mind-boggling variety of Mumbai street food. There’s chat, sandwiches, south Indian, north Indian, Chinese, Continental – and everything in between too.  There are about 40 types of dosas to choose from. And another 50 types of juices and mocktails.

It’s like a whole street experience is coming into one restaurant. Minus the noise and low hygiene levels of the real street outside. There are about 12 tables that can accommodate a good 50 people in this vibrantly done up space.

A meal for two would cost about ₹600.

Street Gourmet Goregaon
Chinese Bhel at Street Gourmet

How is the food at Street Gourmet?

I’d rate it at 3.5 on 5. The food is tasty on the whole, presented well too. But when we tried to order some hatke stuff like Angara Misal Pav, we were disappointed to know that it’s not available yet. I wonder why a lot of restaurants keep doing this – listing a whole load of items on the menu but not serving them! That too, a good 3 weeks after opening. This happened for a couple of hatke dosa dishes we thought we could try too.

So, we ordered a humble sev puri to start with but the chatnis were refrigerator cold so that was a bit disappointing. Chinese Bhel came next. It wasn’t bad but could have been a bit spicier, like the true Mumbai tribute to China usually is. I always loved Masala Pav and was quite satisfied with what I got at Street Gourmet. It was freshly done, with a generous dose of spicy and tangy masala. The Kulfi Falooda had more vanilla ice cream than kulfi. Hmmm…

What else?

Street Gourmet will surely buzz with street food lovers, wanting to just sit at a comfortable and clean place. The prices are very reasonable and the service is quite good as of now. It’s a great option to hang out with friends or your colleagues for evening snacks or Friday lunch.


Address: Aspen Garden, 20/21, Shiv Shankar Nagar, Goregaon east. Map It

Call: +91 7303500500 | +91 7303600600




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