Toddlers, Tales and Tribals

Little Indians

At the upcoming Little Indians event this weekend sign up for an engaging tribal storytelling session. This will be held at Nature’s Park at Bhavan’s College, Andheri West.

Little Reader’s Nook is the official storytelling partner for the event Anindita Ghosh, a trained story educator based in Oshiwara, will be spinning an Indian tribal yarn this Sunday at Little Indians.

What is Little Reader’s Nook?

Little Reader’s Nook, founded by Devika Bhujang Gajare, is a unique endeavour to bond books and children.

At its 75 centres across India, children as young as two years of age are initiated to the world of books. Parent-toddler literary activities form special realms of recreation that lead into more programs as the kids get older… and only more enthusiastic! In flipping the pages of many a vivid book, children’s imagination is fired and their curiosity fed.

‘A magical brew of stories, questions, art, drama, games and talks thoughtfully engages kids with literature’, the Little Reader’s Nook website says. Serve them this brew, you must then!

Little Reader’s Nook’s programs are designed to build children’s vocabulary and language with their age group defined programs The stories narrated are from a handpicked treasury. These are tales by Indian and global authors. They make children relate to life skills essential in current times.

Little Reader’s Nook has several centres in Mumbai, including those at Oshiwara, Goregaon, Malad and Kandivali.

Who is Little Reader’s Nook Oshiwara?

Anindita Ghosh

I chatted with Anindita Ghosh, a young mother, who is all set to dazzle her audience with a tribal tale at the Little Indians event.

A drama and theatre enthusiast, Anindita swears by the power of engaging and expressive narration. Such uniquely related stories leave a lasting impression on young minds and give wings to their self-expression, she believes.

What makes her association Little Reader’s Nook so special is that the Nook is based on a mother’s desire to raise readers. ‘I wholeheartedly thank Devaki for building this wonderful community of mom storytellers’, Anindita says. She finds it extremely gratifying to see her young readers become thoughtful minds.

Where is Little Reader’s Nook Oshiwara?

You can make a beeline for the Oshiwara centre at Yamuna Nagar.

How you can sign up for Little Reader’s Nook

Get in touch with Anindita on 9820700954. Little Reader’s Nook conducts sessions once a week for one hour.

Enrolment starts with 8 sessions, which costs ₹2400. To gain maximum benefit for your child, Anindita recommends at least 6 months of enrolment.


Little Reader’s Nook Oshiwara on Facebook

Call: 9820700954


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