Toothy Tales: Dental Dos and Don’ts For Kids

dr sonal naidu

We all love the happy smiles that greet us round the clock, don’t we? How much do we know about preserving them? We invite Dr. Sonal Naidu of Dentofacia to write a guest post on Goregaon Highway Pulse for Children’s Day

Take a good look at her short but significant points that help any parent in primary dental care

What will do if your child complains of a tooth pain – will you apply hot or cold? What if while playing her/ his tooth falls off – will you search for the tooth or let it be?

Are milk teeth that important? Do you know when to expect which tooth and what to do for that?

If don’t have answers for most of these questions you should consider taking your child for the first dental visit. I can’t stress more on how important first dental visits are. They are like those immunisations, wherein all contingencies are taken care of.

In most of developed countries, first dental visits are not an option but mandatory.

The first dental visit to your child’s paediatric dentist should be either when the first tooth arrives or when the child is a year old, whichever happens first. And then, after screening of the oral cavity, the paediatric dentist will answer all the above questions too.

But as of now let’s take note of these Dos and Don’ts by Dr Sonal Naidu for dental issues in children – 

Dr. Sonal Naidu

Do’s for dental care:

1. Brush twice daily: It sounds clichéd but that’s the key and even if you to skip one, don’t skip night brushing.

2. Cleanse with water: Whenever they eat or drink anything other than water, inculcate a habit of drinking at least a sip or two of water, this immediately cleanses the mouth from remnants of food consumed.

3. In case of a fall: Always apply cold, ice pack or even a napkin dipped in cold water.

4. Tooth Pain? If the child complains of pain in tooth, serve lukewarm bland food, remember more sugar and salts can increase the pain and so can hot food.

5. Tooth ache at an odd hour? In case of pain in odd hours when you don’t know what to give to your child, please give him the prescribed dose of fever medicine. Three things behind that, the fever medicine also works as pain killer, you also know which medicine suits your child and you have it handy!

6. Lost a Tooth? In case of a tooth which gets knocked out of the mouth, if you find the tooth, keep it in a container with some milk and rush to your paediatric dentist.

Don’ts of dental care:

1. Don’t avoid first dental visit.

2. Don’t forget night brushing. You can’t give your cavity causing bacteria whole night to eat all the remnants of food in mouth.

3. Don’t apply any balm or Vicks or any heat fomentation when the child complains of pain.

4. If in case a tooth gets knocked off don’t try and reinsert the tooth into the tooth socket yourself!

These are just a few basic points to be kept in mind.

Take care of milk teeth and growing rendition cause it’ll give you a smile which will be with you forever!

Wishing you happy smiles always.

– Dr. Sonal Naidu

Dr. Sonal Naidu is a practising paediatric dentist in Andheri, Mumbai and resides in Goregaon east. She is a mother to a 2-year-old. Contact Dr. Sonal Naidu on 022 6522 2555. Website:


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