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#ToTheMoon: Book Review

India’s foremost Bollywood and entertainment bloggers, Malini Agarwal, launched her much-awaited book last week. Titled #ToTheMoon – How I Blogged my Way to Bollywood, this Malini’s labour of love. She puts down anything and everything that she can offer her readers – on the business of blogging and believing.

In #ToTheMoon are some major tips, guides, hacks and insights into what made Missmalini the formidable force in the digital media universe .

Here’s my take on #ToTheMoon and my takeaways from the awesome chat with Malini at SheThePeople TV’s Bombaywaali session last week

To buy or not to buy?

Yes. It’s well written. It’s interesting and the pages flip quickly. No space for ennui here. It’s like a candid chat with the lady herself. The first half is all about her journey in Mumbai and onto becoming the MissMalini we all know.

Malini's shows me some Love!
Malini shows me some Love!

Does she tell it all?

The latter half is what you should skip to immediately if you want to pick at a successful businesswoman’s brains. Section 4: How to Build a Brand is truly exhaustive in its information and insights.

Goes to show a humble, modest and generous spirit who’s willing to share every trade secret. Her intent to help anyone wishing to find and pursue their passions in life is remarkable.

And no – there’s no tell all, bare all crap on celebrities she’s worked with over the last 17 years. Thank God!

Your daily quickie

Loads and loads of inputs and examples of successful entrepreneurs throughout this section – across industries and nature of work. If you need daily entrepreneurial inspiration, just open this section and read any page.

Likes, comments, shares – oh snap!

Blog 30: The A-Z of Digital Entrepreneurship is your guidebook to making sense, making way and making it big in the changing-every-second digital galaxy. Get one-on-one with Malini’s with her guide on every social media platform she’s dominated. Writing on softer aspects of business like P is for Personality and Q is for Quality, she sure is the boss lady who shows you how to mind your Ps and Qs.

Malini Agarwal talking to Kiran Manral of SheThePeopleTV

Love, Risk and Listening 

Malini’s talk at the Bombaywaali event last week was a honest reflection of a lady who is least bothered with calling a spade a spade. She’s as millennial as she is classic, methinks. “Love” is her greatest passion, her greatest goal and her greatest giveaway.

She doesn’t shy away from telling her readers There’s always risk. ‘I found that the best way to handle risk is by being flexible and willing to pivot when you need to’, writes the lady who took to blogging without even knowing how big a brand she was carving, post by post.

When a budding entrepreneur quizzed her about how to handle networking events, which essentially seem like biz-card exchange galas, Malini’s advice was very sound – ‘Always listen more than you speak’, she says. For a lady who speaks nineteen to a googol, that surprised me. Yet, she made it very clear that you will always get more time and recall with someone if you listen to their story, their vision, etc. first and blabber about yourself later. I always have that in mind now, Malini!

Did You Know

That the most widely Instagrammed food is PIZZA?! Well, now you do, thanks to #ToTheMoon !

MissMalini’s biggest No-No

MissMalini never endorses any fairness products for men or women. In all her million marketing and sales collaborations with the best brands, Malini and her team stay away from fairness products and stick to this principle. Yes, there’s beauty, fashion, nightlife, looking good and celebrity gossip but there’s none that’ll make anyone feel excluded for what they look like. MissMalini’s content is to share positive vibes, make readers feel connected with their fave stars and make the two worlds come a little closer. And there’s no place for a prejudice-pumping product there.

What’s with the accent?

A question that so many have popped to her. Malini was born in Allahabad to parents in the Indian Foreign Services. Obviously, she’s had to live across the world and study with foreign kids in international schools. The accent rubbed off on her and stayed. But watching every possible Hindi movie throughout her childhood preserved the desi swag in Malini. So there’s the balanced equation that gives Missmalini its global appeal!

Order your copy of #ToTheMoon here:  http://amzn.to/2nbo9Za

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