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Brain Barn Edu

Isn’t modern-day parenting challenging for most? The idea of securely raising children with all-round stability can be daunting. We could all do with a little bit of help. Some of us can get to the heart of the matter. But we also need to address the head. Check out Brain Barn Edu.

One of the key fundamentals of Brain Barn is to equip today’s children with skills that can make them grow with modern-day realities. We’re talking about the realities of academics, technology, peer pressure, lifestyle and more such. It may not always be within the scope of all parents to address the barrage of such realities a family faces in the urban setup today.

Brain Barn Edu is a name that works to transform the emotional, psychological and physiological capabilities of children. It uses various scientific processes in its programs and helps children to transform their learning experiences in daily life. Brain Barn Edu has trained more than 5000 kids in India.

This is where Brain Barn steps in with its unique programs. In fact, on September 9th, Brain Barn Edu will be hosting a free orientation program for parents in Goregaon, to help them understand the nuances of these specialised programs.

Join the FREE 4-hour seminar cum workshop Igniting Minds and learn how Advanced Neuroscience and NLP based Training Programs for Kids can transform their lives.

What is the Brain Barn Edu program?

Brain Barn Edu conducts fun, engaging and meaningful programs for children between 6 and 16 years of age. Its unique programs includes aspects like Brain Gym, Eye Gym, Positive Thinking and Affirmations, DMIA and Parent-Child counselling to pave the way for a wholesome and content life for today’s children.

The one-year workshop begin for kids as young as 6 years and go on for 16 year-olds – covering the long and formative years of schooling. This is where so many pertinent issues crop up.

Brain Barn Edu’s programs ensure that the issues become productive rather than counter-productive to your child. Gradually guiding each child to develop and maximise his potential, the program helps each blossom and brim with self-confidence.

Brain Barn Edu
Happy Brain Barn Edu participants

The Concept of Transformative Learning

Brain Barn Edu is based on the concept of transformative learning. This is a way of learning that provides new awareness of basic structures of knowledge, thinking and acting. It makes one more effective approach in dealing with the world. This is in direct contrast to knowledge-based learning, which increases what one knows and adds to skills by just bringing new knowledge to existing skill sets.

“As part of our Initiative we understand that every child deals with different challenges as he or she grows older,” says Ashish Poojary, a core team member of Brain Barn. “We have an option for a child to re-enrol for the workshop at no extra cost”, he states.

In fact, Brain Barn Edu suggests that children attend the program every two years until the age of 16, the program keeps enhancing itself.

Who is Brain Barn Edu?

Ameet Parekh, Founder, Brain Barn Edu

Brain Barn Edu was founded by Ameet Parekh in the year 2013. Ameet is a Success Coach & Relationship Alchemist. He engages himself in conducting world class training programs and running a successful training company for training children.

Ameet is a management Graduate from Pune University and after a successful banking career went on develop himself further. Apart from his management degree, he is an NLP coach, holds a Diploma in Psychotherapy, a Pranic healing practitioner and an Emotion Freedom Technique Practitioner. He is also a certified International Business Coach.

Brain Barn Edu engages with trained educators, counsellors and trainers in its programs for children.

To register for the upcoming free orientation program, just click here:

Details of Brain Barn Edu orientation program:

Date: September 9, 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 4 to 8 pm
Venue: Brain Barn Edu, Chaitanya CHS, Near Ram Mandir Signal, S V Road, Goregaon West. Map it 
Charges: Free entry. Pre-registration Compulsory
For further queries please call Ashish Poojary:  +91-7738552434






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