Treat Your Pets with Barker’s Dozen pet goodies

Barker's Dozen

Barker’s Dozen makes special pet-friendly treats so you’re pooches can have their cakes and eat them too!

What is Barker’s Dozen?

Barker’s Dozen started in Mumbai in 2016. It makes an assortment of vegan, vegetarian and non- vegetarian treats, cakes and meals for dogs and cats.

Their standard menu includes chicken treats, fish jerky, beetroot biscuits, gluten free tarts, banana peanut butter cake and meat and veggie cakes.

The cakes made are a meal in themselves and last up to 3 to 4 days in the refrigerator and treats last for 4 to 6 weeks.

Barker’s Dozen delivers cakes and treats all over Mumbai and treats throughout India. All orders will need to be confirmed at least 2 days in advance.

Who is Barker’s Dozen?

Akanksha Arora, Founder – Barker’s Dozen

Akanksha Arora started Barker’s Dozen. She wanted to provide healthy and nutritious treats for pets. Being a pet lover herself, she realised that there was a scarcity of preservative-free treats in the market.

After studying at the Culinary Institute of America, Akanksha also educated herself on pet nutrition and decided to combine her passion for food with her love for animals.

She curated a menu specialising in healthy treats, cakes and other goodies for pets after getting them tested and approved by vets.

Unique treats from Barker’s Dozen

What makes Barker’s Dozen unique is that it curates recipes for pets with dietary limitations, allergies and health issues.

Pet parents will be happy to know that all their treats are made with human grade ingredients and can be consumed by humans too. So you can literally share your food with your beloved pet!

Some of the ingredients they use are fresh meats like chicken, mutton and fish. They also include peanut butter, beetroot, spinach, sweet potato and paneer in their cakes and treats.

Barker's Dozen

Why you need to buy treats from here

Dog parents often fall prey to those puppy eyes and doggie grins at your food. While you don’t want to disappoint your furry baby, human food does more harm than good to pets.

Many of the foods we consume daily can be toxic for dogs. Preservatives have proven to have an adverse effect on pets. They can cause digestive issues, chronic illnesses and are even suspected of causing cancer. On the other hand, freshly baked treats and foods that are preservative free, add years of good health to your pet’s life.

With personalized treats and goodies for every occasion, Barker’s Dozen is like a gourmet bakery that lets you pamper your pooches with all the treats they truly deserve!



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