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annapurna tri adventure

Imagine this. The first rays of the sun on the Himalayan peaks. The glory of the Annapurna range, all yours to soak in. And what if the thrills could be tripled? Are you on the edge of your seat yet? Well, that’s what First Light Adventures wants to do – jostle you out of your comfort zones.

This Mumbai-based adventure travel brand is all set to see enthusiasts at its Annapurna Tri Adventure this November.

The Annapurna Tri Adventure

Here’s a team of full-time, full-life adventure seekers who have planned something phenomenal – the Annapurna Tri Adventure. Slated for the six days from November 14 to 20, this is a multi-adventure experience. The tri adventure bit comes from trekking, river rafting and biking across the foothills of the magnificent Annapurna range.

You fly in and out of Kathmandu and get woven into the fabric of the natural regions over six days.

The Annapurna Tri Adventure by First Light Adventures takes you to the Australian Base Camp (2000 meters), Annapurna Eco Village (1600 meters), Upper Seti river and then the famous Pokhara valley. “There’s absolutely nothing quite like Pokhara”, a First Light co-founder tells me. How could there be? Pokhara is the adventure capital of Nepal, gateway to the awesome Annapurnas and home to pristine lakes, quaint cafes, global cuisines and phenomenal people.

Take a look at this stunning video to know what the trip has in store for you.

Tell Me More

You do this tri adventure with a team of mountaineers and passionate travellers. The adventure sports are run by world-class award-winning operators and guides. So if you, like me, are a newbie to all of this and wonder how you will take to it, leave it to the experts. “Nobody did before they did. You’ll be well supported, and we’ll make sure you do it”, says the First Light team.

Oh and if you’re rolling your eyes and thinking “I’ve done this already”, all the better. Do this with a new place and with new people. That’s what gives adventure its zing.

Rest assured, the adventure quotient is safe and achievable for all. Travellers are well prepared for the trip with a tailor-made fitness plan for the adventure, a relevant packing list and an insider’s guide to explore the city independently. Basic but belly-warming, nutritious food will be on your plates all along.

You need to have a functional level of fitness and comfort with cycling and swimming. As for kids, anyone above 12 years of age is welcome.

Still More

If you want your life to be coloured with unforgettable experiences, go for this Annapurna Tri Adventure. Against the backdrop of mountains, in the valleys they nurse, soothe that urban soul with some true Nature’s bliss. Rafting, mountain biking and steaming cups of coffee in between will make you discover life in another light altogether – may be in the First Light?!

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